BOOM: Trump Publicly DESTROYS Obama for Taking Shots at Him

by Cassy Fiano | December 28, 2016 10:46 am

Right now, the Obama administration is supposed to be facilitating a smooth transition to the Trump administration. And for a while, it seemed like it might go well — Obama and Trump met in the White House, had an amicable meeting and both spoke about the need for a smooth and easy transition. But Obama was quick to go back on his word — and Trump is firing back[1].

(Credit Image: © Loren Elliott/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Wire)[2]

(Credit Image: © Loren Elliott/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Wire)

Obama began criticizing Trump, but when he bragged in his exit interview about how he could have run for a third term and beaten Trump, Trump had enough. He quickly responded on Twitter:

Leaving aside that Trump decided to retaliate with the insult of choice from a third-grader in 1992, he has a point. Obama is not behaving in a professional or appropriate manner. George W. Bush was silent about Obama, rarely speaking about his policies or his presidency. Obama really should channel Bush here, because no one likes a bitter, petty loudmouth who can’t give up his time in the spotlight.

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