BREAKING: Big News in Florida – Trump Outperforms Romney

BREAKING: Big News in Florida – Trump Outperforms Romney

I wrote on Florida earlier today and it looked grim. My perspective has changed. Early voting has now ended in Florida and the results are in. Voting in Florida began on October 24th and it concluded on November 6th. According to data released by the Florida Department of State’s Division of Elections, 6.4 million Floridians voted early this year. In the end, the Democrats were able to come away from early voting with the advantage. A total of 2,558,000 votes were cast by registered Democrats, and 2,471,000 votes were cast by registered Republicans. This translates into 39.85 percent of the vote going to the Democrats, and 38.49 percent of it going to the Republicans.

That is one heck of a close vote. The Dems squeaked out with the win there. And yes, that is 87,000 votes as I said before, but context is everything. Look at the percentages. It is razor thin. Trump could easily win in the general election with it being that close. I should have taken my own advice and taken the other news from the media with a boulder of salt. Click Orlando did not break it down, did.


From The Drudge Report:

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Mon Nov 07 2016 12:03:12 ET
**World Exclusive**

Data obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT shows presidential underdog Donald Trump outperforming Republican 2012 election results in Florida.

Mitt Romney went into Election Day down 161,000 in absentee ballots and early voting. He ended up losing the state by 74,000.

This time, in a dramatic surprise twist, Trump is only down 32,500! And Republicans tend to outvote Democrats on Election Day in Florida.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A late poll showed Trump nearing 50% in the sunshine state.


49.7 percent of the state’s entire population of registered voters have already voted. This turnout of 6.4 million voters is a significant increase compared to four years ago, when only 4.4 million votes were cast early. It’s a new record.

This means that it looks like the Dems hold a small lead going into Election Day. But that lead is much, much smaller than it was four years ago. In the last election, the Democrats got 43 percent of the early vote in Florida. The Republicans got 40 percent. Things are a lot different this time around and that could spell big trouble for Hillary Clinton.

Buckle up… Election Day is tomorrow and here we go. I will be glued to it until the end just to see what we do next.


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