BREAKING: BIG News From White House Reveals 3 Leakers Have Been IDENTIFIED!

BREAKING: BIG News From White House Reveals 3 Leakers Have Been IDENTIFIED!

I saw this story come out last night and if true, it’s huge. Trey Yingst, a reporter for One America News Network, is claiming that three leakers have been identified at the White House. Their names have been referred to the Office of Government Ethics because it is a criminal matter now. Staffers are also waiting for Trump to return so he can fire them. We don’t know who they are yet and this story has a few things that don’t feel quite right.

If this is a legit story, then why is only one of the tweets (the first one) still out there on Twitter? Why hasn’t any of the leftist media run with this? You just know that WaPo and the New York Times should be all over this one. Waiting for Trump to return seems way off here. And I would imagine, given the current climate, it they were uncovered, they would be fired immediately and arrested. Anyone think this story has a whiff of bull crap?

From Young Conservatives:

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A reporter with One America News Network tweeted late Monday that three leakers have been identified inside the White House.

The journalist, Trey Yingst, said officials are confirming that it is “criminal.”

Insiders say the White House will wait to deal with the three until the President returns from abroad.

Check it out:

SCOOP INFO: I’m told the names of the leakers are being run by the Office of Government Ethics, which is why they aren’t immediately fired

— Trey Yingst (@TreyYingst) May 22, 2017

SCOOP INFO: I asked one source why the leakers names would be presented to the Office of Government Ethics.

“This is criminal,” they said.

— Trey Yingst (@TreyYingst) May 22, 2017

—> Office of Government Ethics is not able to prosecute anyone. They will advise the White House on how to proceed with leakers, I’m told.

— Trey Yingst (@TreyYingst) May 22, 2017

No source, not even Breitbart has independently confirmed this story with One America News Network. Yingst did correct one tweet by saying that the OGE actually advises the White House on questions of ethics. I’d sure like to know what the sources of his ‘scoop’ are here. He deleted a few posts on the leakers Tweet and posted the primary one above as clarification evidently. But I still feel like this has too many things wrong with it.

I’m all for firing and prosecuting the leakers, but there are so many rumors and bogus reports floating out there, it is very confusing. If they did catch them, I sure hope they have been removed from the White House so they don’t leak more until President Trump returns. If true, somebody is getting a trip to the woodshed over this. Just wait till your father gets home.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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