BREAKING: Dear ISIS, Trump Just Pulled Your Number – Your Time Is UP!

BREAKING: Dear ISIS, Trump Just Pulled Your Number – Your Time Is UP!

Currently, 68 nations are meeting together in the Pentagon in Washington D.C. to discuss the best way to respond to the threat of ISIS in the Middle East, specifically in Syria. As a result of this goal and these meetings. hundreds of Syrian soldiers were airdropped into the mix of the most dangerous ISIS-populated locations.

One of the main goals of these offensive maneuvers is to free up many villages under the control of ISIS and cut ISIS off from many of its supply paths and isolate the ISIS members in the field.

Air Force Col. John L. Dorrian is an acting spokesman for the anti-ISIS coalition. He recently spoke out about the current situation:

“Syrian Democratic Forces continue operations to isolate Raqqa along two axes east of the city. Our partners have rolled back ISIS territorial gains to the east, north and west of the city, capturing more than 7,400 square kilometers of territory,” Dorrian said last week.

“To support our partners’ operations, the coalition has conducted airstrikes which have destroyed more than 130 enemy armored and soft-skin vehicles, 57 vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices and more than 450 enemy fighting positions, enabling the momentum of the campaign to continue,” Dorrian explained in the 15th.

You can read more about the forces combating ISIS in an offensive initiative here.

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