BREAKING: Donald Trump Calls For INVESTIGATION Into Clintons Because Of Hillary’s Uranium Sale To Russia

by Sierra Marlee | March 28, 2017 6:22 pm

The President of the United States is calling for an investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding her sale of Uranium to Russia.

I’m not going to hold my breath because I’ve been disappointed by these investigations before, but with Trump at the wheel, it’s entirely likely that Clinton could face some serious heat for this one.


Democrats have been trotting out the ‘Russia hacked us!” line since Donald Trump’s surprise win on November 8th, but now that he’s President, he gets to ask the questions.

He took to Twitter to do just that.

According to Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash[5], the Clintons received big money from Russia in exchange for favors.

The facts found in Clinton Cash, reported by the NYT, and deemed accurate by establishment media reveal how Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State coincided with the influx of tens of millions of dollars from foreign sources into the Clinton Foundation which resulted in favorable actions for Russia’s government.

Indeed the Clinton Foundation had received millions in donations from several investors in Uranium One, a Canadian-based company in which a majority stake was sold to Russia’s nuclear energy agency, Rosatom, in a lucrative deal needing approval from Clinton’s State Department and eight other federal agencies.

Liberals are screaming about Trump’s ties to Russia, even when they don’t exist, but are completely ignoring a deal that could very well destroy America.

Par for the course.

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