BREAKING: Elector Officials May BLOCK Trump from Securing 270 Electoral College Votes

BREAKING: Elector Officials May BLOCK Trump from Securing 270 Electoral College Votes

This is just bitingly pathetic. Once again the Electoral College is being challenged by the Left. They are in a tizzy claiming that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 1.7 million ballots. I still contend that is not true. The popular vote did not include absentee ballots unless a state was uber close. That means the military vote was mostly not counted, which overwhelmingly goes Republican. That also doesn’t include fraud, where illegal immigrants, refugees and the dead voted for the Left. It also does not include identity theft or just sheer fraud.

Millions of illegal immigrants could have voted in this election. With no voter ID required in many places, it is more than believable that it happened. In fact, there were multiple reports in various states of illegal immigrants being arrested for illegally voting. Democrats were rigging the vote that way. All you have to do is look at the massive effort to leave our Southern border open and you see how they were trying to manipulate voter demographics. So, color me highly skeptical over Hillary’s purported popular vote win.


From the Daily Mail:

At least six Democratic electors have signed an agreement to try to block Donald Trump from securing the presidency with 270 Electoral College votes.

While it would be unlikely to convince 37 Republican electors to change their votes – the number needed to erase Trump’s lead among the 538 total electors – an unusually large number of ‘faithless electors’ who refuse to vote for Trump could undermine the institution itself.

In the U.S., presidents are elected by the Electoral College – not by popular vote in which Hillary Clinton is 1.7million votes ahead of Trump. In most states, electors must cast a vote for the winner of their state’s popular vote.

But some states like Arizona, Idaho, Michigan and Georgia don’t have a rule against electors going rogue, and phone calls from across the country have been pouring in to try to sway them against voting for Trump.

Six electors have now signed an agreement to try and block Trump from being validated as President of the United States. That’s nowhere near enough to stop him from becoming President and they know it. What it is meant to do is cast doubt on the Electoral College in an effort to take it down. It won’t work.

Michael Baca is a former Marine and registered Democrat trying to convince other electors to block a Trump presidency. But even if 37 electors change their votes (and that won’t happen), the House would still vote Trump in. One Senator, Barbara Boxer, is trying to shoot down the Electoral College, but it is the only thing that keeps the elites from taking over. It gives middle and small town America a vote. Otherwise, Progressive strongholds in the major cities would determine who the President is. The Founding Fathers foresaw this and thus the Electoral College.

Trump won the election. Deal with it and let’s move the heck on already. And for Pete’s sake! Leave the freaking Electoral College alone.





Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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