BREAKING: Iran Messed Up, Broke The Rules – Now Trump Is Punishing Them

BREAKING: Iran Messed Up, Broke The Rules – Now Trump Is Punishing Them


While Millennials everywhere have been protesting because they aren’t happy, Iran has been testing nuclear weapons. But it has gone practically unnoticed by the entire nation. If we are going to be upset by something, don’t you think it should be the insane country that is testing nuclear missiles, breaking a treaty made with the United States?

NBC News reported, saying:

President Donald Trump’s administration could hit Iran with new sanctions as early as Friday following Tehran’s test-fire of a medium-range ballistic missile, NBC News has confirmed.

However, sources provided the caveat that nothing is ever final, until President Trump announces it.

On Wednesday National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said the White House was putting Iran “on notice.”

Two officials tell NBC News that the new sanctions are in response to the continuous terrorist activity of Iran and repeated ballistic missile tests, but will not violate the existing Iranian nuclear deal.

During the campaign, Trump took several stances on the Iran nuclear containment deal signed by former President Barack Obama and other world powers in 2015. At some points, Trump vowed to strictly police the agreement. At others, he threatened to tear it up.

Luckily, Donald Trump is not taking these threats lightly. He is not afraid to speak out boldly. He is not afraid of saying hard things that need to be said. And I personally feel safer because of it.

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