BREAKING: Judge Clarence Thomas Has Big Duty To Fulfill At Inauguration – GREAT CHOICE!

BREAKING: Judge Clarence Thomas Has Big Duty To Fulfill At Inauguration – GREAT CHOICE!

Love ’em or hate ’em, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are going to make history on the day of the inauguration.

When Pence takes the oath of office, he will be sworn in by Justice Thomas. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal on the surface, it will be the first time that a black Supreme Court Justice has sworn in a President or Vice President. I can’t believe it took this long, honestly, Thomas is a great guy and an amazing Judge.


The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has the duty to swear in the President of the United States, meaning John Roberts will be dealing with Donald Trump. The Vice President has a choice as to who he wants to administer the oath of office and in this case, Pence chose Thomas.

Since the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, Thomas has become arguably the most conservative judge on the Supreme Court and one of the few people left who actually respects the Constitution that he’s interpreting.

If you need any evidence of how level-headed he is, look at what he had to say about Supreme court Justices trying to “legislate from the bench.”

Thomas, 68, is part of the Supreme Court’s four-member conservative wing. During a speech last month to the Federalist Society, he touched upon the crisis caused by judges attempting to legislate from the bench.

“Today it is the view of many that the Supreme Court is the giver of liberties — what an odd conception of governance that ‘We the People’ are dependent on the third branch of government to grant us our freedom,” Thomas said.

I honestly couldn’t be happier that Thomas is being given this opportunity before he retires from the bench. I can’t wait to watch the inauguration!

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