BREAKING: Judge Makes Ruling AGAINST Trump – Giving Sanctuary Cities Relief

BREAKING: Judge Makes Ruling AGAINST Trump – Giving Sanctuary Cities Relief

A Miami-Dade judge has determined that is is “unconstitutional” for illegal aliens to be detained for 48 hours, despite the fact that they broke the law by wrongly coming into this country improperly. Are we no longer allowed to detain criminals because jail is mean?

I’m getting just about sick of all of these shenanigans. Can we just enforce our federal immigration laws without judges trying to legislate from the bench?


From The Federalist Papers:

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “sanctuary cities,” a state and local policy that prohibits police officers from cooperating with federal immigration officials regarding deportations.

But what about an effective sanctuary court that orders municipalities to avoid compliance with detainer requests? Look no further than Miami-Dade county in Florida, where a judge just issued a ruling claiming that the county’s holding of arrested immigrants pursuant to ICE detainer requests violates the Constitution.

The case involves a Hatian immigrant who was arrested on charges of repeated driving a motor vehicle without a license. The county was holding him, but ICE sent a request that he be held for an additional 48 hours so that agents could pick him up for further proceedings.

The attorneys in the case argue that such detention is improper, because it goes beyond what the man would have been held for otherwise, according to local CBS Miami.

“They think 48 hours is a short period of time?” said Reizenstein. “Let them go sit in the jail for 48 hours and tell us how it feels. This is unconstitutional.”

The mayor and commission agreed to the ICE detention requests for fear of losing federal funding. The detainee’s attorney calls it an unconstitutional ‘caving in.’

Oh cry me a river! Don’t wanna be detained? Don’t enter America illegally.

Problem solved, problem staying solved.

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