BREAKING: This Major News Channel Host Just Endorsed TRUMP – Frenemies?

BREAKING: This Major News Channel Host Just Endorsed TRUMP – Frenemies?

Gee, I’m shocked… shocked I tell you. Fox News has acted like the unofficial Trump Super Pac forever now. This just makes their endorsement of him official. It was a total setup… a manipulation of voters. And it worked. I believe most of the media is now in the tank for Trump and many have been from the start. Most of the push back has simply been for show. One pundit said that we had traded Thomas Sowell for Sean Hannity and it looks like he was right. And although it is only Hannity officially endorsing Trump, it might as well be all of Fox News. That’s just how they roll these days.


From the Conservative Tribune:

After businessman Donald Trump virtually clinched the Republican nomination when Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the race, a stream of politicians and pundits began endorsing the presumptive nominee.

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Trump will certainly need the support of as many prominent, outspoken Republicans when he goes to battle against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton over the next six months. Most importantly, he needs members of the media on his side because the liberal media will undoubtedly come after him in full force.

That’s why the most recent big name endorsement is a huge plus for the GOP candidate, as it came from one of the top conservative voices at Fox News — Sean Hannity.

Hannity has been a Trump ally for a while, offering him substantial time on his television show and talking positively about him throughout the primaries. Far more than any other candidate and he has pointedly ignored the slander of Cruz’s father and wife. Just abhorrent. He waited until the GOP had a presumptive nominee before officially endorsing the real estate mogul for the presidency. But he was there all the while knowing he would give the Fox blessing to Trump. On May 5th, Hannity responded to a question on Twitter about officially endorsing Trump. I stopped watching Fox News some time ago, this just cements it for me. It’s a Trump love fest over there. Hannity claims he would have supported whoever was the nominee, but I doubt that. He’s a Trump guy and he should have just come out and said it long ago. Very disappointing.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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