**BREAKING** National Poll Puts THIS GOP Candidate In MAJOR LEAD Over HIllary!

**BREAKING** National Poll Puts THIS GOP Candidate In MAJOR LEAD Over HIllary!

I don’t believe any of these polls anymore… but if I did and I were Hillary (shudder), I’d be really, really worried. A new national poll is showing Trump pulling ahead of Clinton now. It is widely held that he could not beat the Hildabeast, but some polls now show him with a chance of doing exactly that. In Rasmussen’s latest poll, Trump beats her by a narrow margin. Now, it all depends on the factors you include in the poll and you have to suspend the fact that the polls are almost always wrong… but there it is. The poll of likely voters showed Trump beating Hillary 41-39 percent, with 15 percent preferring an unnamed third-party candidate and 5 percent remaining unsure. These results fall within the 3 percent margin of error. I’m certainly not convinced by any means that this is correct or even plausible.


From the Conservative Tribune:

As the general election is looking ever more like a match-up between billionaire businessman Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump’s critics have revisited their repeated refrain that he could never beat Hillary in a one-on-one face-off.

That line of thinking, though, doesn’t square with the results of a newly released Rasmussen poll though, which shows the celebrity real estate mogul beating out the former New York senator by a narrow margin.

While a previous poll of this contest resulted in a 38-38 percent tie, with 6 percent choosing to stay home, this latest poll removed the “stay home” option, resulting in Trump garnering more support.

Both Trump and Hillary draw support in the mid-70’s percentile from their respective party members, but the real surprise is in the cross-over vote, as 15 percent of Democrats intend to vote for Trump while only 8 percent of GOP voters say they’ll vote for Hillary. Trump expects a lot of Bernie Sanders’ people to vote for him… that should tell you a whole lot right there. He’s got the socialist vote nailed. Trump also leads among independent and unaffiliated voters, who will likely prove quite crucial in this cycle. Both candidates also perform about the same with their respective gender and do poorly with the opposite gender. Hillary does well with minority voters, but much less so with white voters, and vice versa for Trump. If Trump becomes the nominee, millions of conservatives will stay home and not vote at all… thus my skepticism that he can beat Hillary. I won’t vote for Trump period, so I understand that dynamic. Look for it to be a woolly and wild contest if these two square off. And for a third party to arise.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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