BREAKING: North Korea Releases US Citizen Otto Warmbier – Tillerson Says Trump Made It Happen

by Cassy Fiano | June 13, 2017 1:15 pm

Under Barack Obama, there wasn’t much hope for Americans who were held captive under hostile governments. They would languish in foreign prison while Obama dragged his feet and refused to do anything. But under Donald Trump, things have changed. The latest example is a student who was being held in North Korea[1].


Otto Warmbier is an American student from Cincinnati, who was attending the University of Virginia. He traveled to North Korea with Young Pioneer Tours. And while on his trip, North Korean officials accused him of stealing a propaganda sign from the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang, where he was staying. A video was released showing a person removing the sign, but their face cannot be seen.

When Warmbier tried to leave the country on January 2, 2016, he was arrested at the Pyongyang International Airport. Over a month later, on February 29, he finally confessed to stealing North Korean propaganda to take home with him and sell to someone for $10,000. In his confession, he said, “I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country, I wish that the United States administration never manipulate people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. I entirely beg you, the people and government of the DPRK, for your forgiveness. Please! I made the worst mistake of my life!”

Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor, a sentence that caused outrage among human rights groups. But now, Warmbier has been released.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that Warmbier has been released and is on his way back to the United States. According to Tillerson, the State Department was directed to work on securing Warmbier’s freedom at Donald Trump’s behest and now that Warmbier is free, they are directing their attention to three other Americans still being held by North Korea.

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