BREAKING: President Trump Make HUGE Announcement – ‘BIGGEST TAX CUT EVER!’

BREAKING: President Trump Make HUGE Announcement – ‘BIGGEST TAX CUT EVER!’

President Donald Trump surprised Capitol Hill and his own Treasury officials who became speechless as he announced that he’ll be rolling out his tax package next week. He added that it will contain the largest cut in American history. Woot, woot!

He continued to explain that businesses and individuals will be getting a ‘massive tax cut’ if his plan passes. While he wouldn’t give away the details of the proposal, he asserted that it will be ‘bigger I believe than any tax cut ever’.

With President Trump’s 100 day mark in the horizon, he promises that his administration will have it ready by ‘Wednesday or shortly thereafter’. President Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, had said the plan would be out soon, but didn’t provide any details on what would be in it as President Trump promised again that it would be out before his first 100 days in office have concluded.

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Mnuchin explained, “The president is focused on this. It has been one of his biggest priorities to create economic growth and we are very focused on that. We will be working with Congress on a comprehensive tax reform package.”

Without going into too much detail, Munchin said that the driving idea of the plan is to simplify personal taxes, solidify middle income tax cuts and make business taxes more competitive. Since the beginning, Trump has been promising mammoth reforms to the nation’s tax structure that he says will help business and low-to-middle income Americans.

President Trump has been boasting that his proposed tax cuts are expected to rival the one Ronald Reagan introduced and passed his first year in office, 1981.

President Trump commiserated with middle Americans by saying that, “We are the highest taxed nation in the world. And we are going to bring taxes way down. And for middle income, we’re also getting rid of brackets. We are going from 7 to 4 or 3 brackets. And that will be such a pleasure.”

I hope President Trump pulls together a fair tax plan that includes huge cuts to unnecessary safety net programs. Under Obama, the number of people on food stamps increased by almost 50%. That’s millions more than when he started. Additionally, he became the first President to spend more on welfare than defense. The problem is that perfectly healthy young adults are living off of my tax dollars through welfare programs and they don’t deserve it. And they don’t produce anything, so it results in huge waste. My best friend, John Hawkins agrees with me because in his new book ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in chapter 70 that young people need to adopt the thinking that when it comes to life, your attitude should be, “If I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it.”

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