BREAKING: President Trump Sends Powerful Message To People Of Barcelona

BREAKING: President Trump Sends Powerful Message To People Of Barcelona

Following the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to issue a powerful statement.

ISIS is already taking credit for the attack, and two suspects are in custody following a van plowing into a crowd of civilians. The most recent count as of this publishing has 13 dead and 100 injured.

“The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we love you!”

First Lady Melania Trump also tweeted about the attack, stating that her thoughts and prayers are with the people of Barcelona.

Another tweet came from Senator Ted Cruz, who sent his condolences to the victims and their loved ones.

The death toll continues to rise as time goes on and something tells me that we’re not going to see that stop until the end of the week.

Critics of the President are condemning him for his prompt response to the terror attack in Barcelona, but taking two days to denounce the neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer also stated that this attack was a “copycat of Charlottesville” apparently forgetting that this kind of attack (using a vehicle to ram into innocent pedestrians) is not entirely an uncommon tactic for ISIS and is one that they’ve used in Europe before.

While they are going to continue to focus on Trump, no matter what the topic, the rest of us are going to turn our attentions to Spain and the terrorism that has occurred there. It was a horrifying attack that needs to be condemned by everyone around the world. We can not abide by these attacks and leaving our people defenseless as these animals continue to victimize innocent people in the name of their religion.

Let’s hope Spain cracks down in a way that Britain and France have not.

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