BREAKING: Senate Has Just Made Huge Decision On ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

BREAKING: Senate Has Just Made Huge Decision On ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of defense, Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, went through his confirmation hearing today before the Senate.


There was little doubt that Mattis would be pushed through and confirmed, considering Republicans control both houses. However, Mattis has not been retired for seven years, which is needed if the retired General is to be nominated for SecDef AND receive a passing grade…

A special waiver for exemption is needed and now that waiver has earned resounding approval.

According to Western Journalism, everything couldn’t have gone better for pro-Mattis supporters:

“The nomination of Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis to serve as President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of defense took two significant steps forward Thursday.

First, despite threats of revolt from House Democrats, the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee easily approved a waiver that will allow Mattis to serve in the Cabinet. Because seven years had not passed since Mattis retired from active duty, he required a special waiver from Congress for his nomination to be approved, per a 1947 law. Mattis retired in 2013.”

There is also the report that Mattis came out of the House Armed Services Committee with “strong support” after taking a solid stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin and answering hard-boiled questions on women and gays in combat.

According to the Washington Post:

Mattis “encountered virtually no challenges from members of the Senate Armed Services Committee to his suitability for the top Pentagon job.”

Mattis testifies before a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on his nomination to serve as defense secretary in Washington

In December, GOP leaders slipped a provision in respect to the waiver into a must-pass government funding bill, a move that left Democrats incensed. On Wednesday, when it became evident the waiver would pass, House Democrats threatened an uprising, claiming the move by Republicans was hypocritical.

Rep. Adam Smith of Washington state, the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee had this to say about the days process:

“I’m going to urge all House Democrats to vote no on the waiver. The Republicans just spent eight years complaining about the executive branch … usurping legislative branch power, and here’s the first move of the new administration is to ignore us on something.”

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