BREAKING Trump Calls Putin – You’ll Never Guess Why! [VIDEO]

BREAKING Trump Calls Putin – You’ll Never Guess Why! [VIDEO]

President Trump called Vladimir Putin this week and the reason is a sad one. In the wake of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg last week that took 14 lives and wounded over 50, President Trump called Putin to offer his condolences and to offer our help in any way possible. I may not be a fan of Putin, but that was the right thing to do. You don’t turn your back on another country in their hour of need especially over terrorism like this. They haven’t linked it to Islamists yet, but with the way ISIS was gloating over this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

The authorities believe they have found the remains of the bomber on the subway where the bomb went off. They also found his DNA on the briefcase where another bomb was located that didn’t detonate. However, they are still investigating and the Russians keep their cards close to their vest. Many times, they deal with terrorists in their own way and keep it out of the press. It was sobering to see Putin quietly laying roses where Russians died needlessly. It breaks your heart.

From Western Journalism:

In the wake of the deadly bombing on a subway train in St. Petersburg, Russia, President Donald Trump called President Vladimir Putin to offer his condolences for those killed and wounded, also promising the “full support” of the United States in identifying those responsible and seeing that they are punished.

“President Trump offered the full support of the United States Government in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice,” read a White House statement released Monday. “Both President Trump and President Putin agreed that terrorism must be decisively and quickly defeated.”

The bomb exploded inside a metro car at around 2:45 p.m on Monday as it made it’s way from the Sennaya Ploshchad and the Tekhnologichesky Institut stations.

Officials are calling the bombing a “terrorist attack.”

Currently, the death toll stands at 14 with at least 50 individuals injured.

Investigators believe the blast occurred in the third carriage of the subway.

I’m sure the left will make a big deal of this because it is Russia. This is what world leaders do. Regardless of how they feel about one another, calls are made and help is proffered. It doesn’t make Russia an ally… far from it. But it does unite us in a common cause against terrorism, whatever evil form it takes.

The Kremlin’s statement also said Trump offered condolences to the families of the victims of Monday’s blast and asked Putin to convey his support for the Russian people. It said Putin thanked Trump for the expression of solidarity. Both leaders stated: “Terrorism is an evil that must be fought jointly.” Trump called the attack a terrible thing. He was one of the first to call Putin with his condolences.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, lays flowers at a place near the Tekhnologichesky Institut subway station in St.Petersburg, Russia, Monday, April 3, 2017. A bomb blast tore through a subway train deep under Russia’s second-largest city Monday, killing several people and wounding many more in a chaotic scene that left victims sprawled on a smoky platform. (AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky)

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