BREAKING: Trump Ends DACA Program But Gives Congress A Chance To Pass a Legislative Fix

BREAKING: Trump Ends DACA Program But Gives Congress A Chance To Pass a Legislative Fix

President Trump is keeping his campaign promise of ending DACA. The left is simply furious over it. Too freaking bad. It ends Amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. But there’s a catch. Congress now has a six-month window to ‘fix’ it. That gives Trump political cover. He can claim that he kept his promise, while RINOs cement DACA into law. I don’t like that at all. And as Steve King said, it’s political suicide for the Republicans. Trump had Jeff Sessions announce it and you can look at that one of two ways… either Trump didn’t want to take the heat for it directly or it was a nod at Sessions doing the heavy lifting on the subject.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was started by President Barack Obama in 2012 to protect illegal immigrants that arrived as minors. The move was unconstitutional and should never have been implemented in the first place. It protects roughly 800,000 illegal immigrants and many those are under the age of 30. Although Trump vowed to immediately rescind DACA upon being elected, he wavered in doing so out of sympathy for the Dreamers. Big mistake… either uphold the rule of law, or don’t… but don’t dither over it.

President Trump tweeted Tuesday ahead of Sessions’ announcement, “Congress, get ready to do your job – DACA!” This suggests Trump is going along with the fear of many immigration hawks and supporting a legislative Amnesty for the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants protected by DACA. Republican progressives like Lindsey Graham have just enough time to make the unconstitutional move permanent. That would be a disgrace and pretty much signifies the end of the party.

“Congress now has the opportunity to advance responsible immigration reform that puts American jobs and American security first. We are facing the symptom of a larger problem, illegal immigration, along with the many other chronic immigration problems Washington has left unsolved. We must reform our green card system, which now favors low-skilled immigration and puts immense strain on U.S. taxpayers,” Trump said in his statement following Sessions’ announcement.

Another drawback of the slow, gradual rescinding of DACA, is that beneficiaries will be able to maintain their status on a rolling basis. That means that a number of illegal aliens will be protected from deportation and that they will be able to keep their work permits into 2019. “This is a gradual process, not a sudden phase out. Permits will not begin to expire for another six months, and will remain active for up to 24 months. Thus, in effect, I am not going to just cut DACA off, but rather provide a window of opportunity for Congress to finally act,” Trump said in his statement. He said, “Above all else, we must remember that young Americans have dreams too. Being in government means setting priorities. Our first and highest priority in advancing immigration reform must be to improve jobs, wages and security for American workers and their families.”

To say I am disappointed here is an understatement. This is a political two-step and is very easy to see through. I expected better on this issue from President Trump. But I am not very surprised that he did this unfortunately.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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