BREAKING: Trump’s Medical Records Revealed, What’s Inside Makes Hillary Freak!

BREAKING: Trump’s Medical Records Revealed, What’s Inside Makes Hillary Freak!

This election is just getting silly. Hillary Clinton is now freaking out over Donald Trump’s medical records. I can’t believe she is this stone cold stupid. It doesn’t hurt Donald Trump at all… it puts even more focus on her health and her medical records, which she refuses to release. It’s the very worst attack vector she could have taken.

Trump has previously released his medical records showing he is in great health. On Tuesday, he released a one-page summary from his physician again saying he’s in great health. Now, including the bit about testosterone is just posturing and unnecessary, but aside from that, all you have to do is look at Trump to know he’s in good health, especially for his age.

Conversely, all you have to do is take a good, long look at Hillary Clinton to know the woman is not well. Her age is showing more and more each day. She looks frail and weak. The confused episodes make her seem doddering. The seizures and fainting spells also ring alarm bells nationally. If the woman can’t hack the campaign trail, how in heaven’s sake is she going to run America and fight our enemies? The Democrats may have made a fatal mistake by not replacing the Hildabeast.


From Western Journalism:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had promised “the numbers” on his health, and he just delivered.

The Trump campaign on Thursday released a letter dated Tuesday from Trump’s doctor, Harold Bornstein, that summarized Trump’s physical condition based upon an examination last week.

The health of the presidential candidates has become an issue since the medical episode that struck Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday, leaving her temporarily unable to walk unaided. Clinton’s campaign said she had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday, but also blamed her difficulty Sunday on being dehydrated and overheated. Throughout the campaign, Trump has questioned Clinton’s health and stamina to take the rigors of being president. He said he would release his health records to prove he was up to the stress of the job.

Neither Clinton’s doctor’s note nor Trump’s means squat. I would like to see a complete, thorough and truly transparent release of their medical records – both of them. Clinton has released her tax returns, I would like to see Trump’s as well. The American people have a right to know if their candidates are fiscally and physically fit for the presidency. Sounds like the common sense solution to all of this nonsense to me.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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