WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are many things. I solidly believe they are funded partially by the Russians. You’ll never convince me otherwise. But they are also calculating and self-serving. Word came out this morning that WikiLeaks was turning on Trump and asking for whistleblowers to send his tax returns to them. This isn’t the first time that WikiLeaks has asked for people to send Trump’s tax returns to them. Julian Assange was calling for them back in September of 2016, while he was exposing Clinton’s dirty dealings.

Assange is an equal opportunity muckraker. He’s in it for the notoriety and the publicity. Plus he makes money on the side hunting down and exposing others. You can’t trust him and he is a criminal. Those on the conservative side who suddenly flipped and apologized to Assange are disingenuous themselves. He exposes state intel that gets people killed and he destroys lives whenever he feels like it. He sees himself as a maker of kings and a destroyer of titans. Julian Assange is a monster and a deeply evil man.

From BizPac Review:

No one can make the claim anymore that WikiLeaks singled out Hillary Clinton for an attack to the exclusion of now-President Donald Trump.

During her appearance on ABC News’ “This Week,” senior Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway told host George Stephanopoulos that the president will not be releasing any of his tax returns.

“The White House response is that he’s not going to release his tax returns,” Conway said.

WikiLeaks went on the attack following her statement and encouraged anyone who may have access to the billionaire’s tax records to send them to their organization so that they can publish the information.


WikiLeaks claimed that Trump’s refusal to release his returns is tantamount to a “breach of promise” by the president.


NBC News reporter Ali Vitali suggested that WikiLeaks’ call to action represented a change of focus for the organization.


In politics, things are never ever what they seem. There is always a secondary plot unfolding behind what you see. That’s not being a conspiracy theorist, it’s just the way the game is played. There is nothing altruistic about WikiLeaks. They are a political tool that seeks to control geopolitical events in a way that is similar to the machinations of George Soros.

President Trump announced through Kellyanne Conway this weekend that he is not going to release his tax returns. Legally, he doesn’t have to and I don’t believe he should considering his business dealings. Does that mean I don’t think there are things in his taxes that are less than squeaky clean? No, I think there are probably a number of things in there that could be seen from different perspectives and I probably would not be thrilled by some of them. But Trump’s taxes are none of my business and they certainly are none of WikiLeaks’ business either. WikiLeaks is going after Trump, because they already were. It’s what they do.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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