Bummer: Trump Dares To Bring Up Clinton’s Sordid Past

The Politico’s Nick Gass has a big sad over Donald Trump daring to bring up serious allegations of sexual misconduct and murder against Bill and Hillary. He doesn’t bother reaching out to any of the sexual assault victims himself, and seems rather vexed that Trump would even launch these attacks.

Trump dredges up sordid Clinton accusations
It’s going to be a nasty general election battle.

If there was any doubt about the nastiness of the upcoming general election fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump has obliterated it.

The Manhattan billionaire has launched his most personal attacks yet on the Clintons, dredging up decades-old conspiracy theories and allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Bill Clinton to kick his “Crooked Hillary” assault into overdrive.

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On Monday, Trump released a visceral video featuring the voices of Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick and an image of Bill Clinton not-so-subtly chomping on a cigar. The women describe their allegations of being sexually assaulted by Clinton.

It’s been said it before, but let’s make note of it yet again: in virtually every other case of sexual misconduct, especially allegations of rape, Liberals immediately jump to the conclusion that the accused should be hung up by their privates, metaphorically and otherwise. We see this playing out on college campuses across the country, where students are accused of rape then convicted in kangaroo courts. But, when it comes to Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton enabling the conduct, dismissing the conduct, covering the conduct, well, then, nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Here’s something not considered by the spinmeisters: bringing up these allegations will resonate with the young folks, the ones who are hyper-sensitive in their belief that “no means no”. Yes, no means no, and sexual misconduct is a criminal thing, but, as you’ve probably seen, this rises to a whole new level on college campuses. They might not vote for Trump, but, they won’t vote for Hillary, either.

Salon itself is very upset, and says that the media cannot allow Trump to make this election about Bill. First, is the media to ignore the news, and what candidates say? Are they supposed to become shills for a particular candidate? Not that they don’t already do that to a degree, but, like college kids, the media would have to take this to a new level. Second, the Trump attacks are aimed more at Hillary, for standing by and even enabling Bill’s sordid sexual attacks. Third, Salon, like many liberal outlets, have attacked Bill Cosby for his rape accusation, and most deemed him guilty right from the get go (he most likely is, IMO). But they have never wanted any investigations into Bill and Hillary’s conduct. The accusations against Bill are somehow off limits.

Trump has also brought up the conspiracy theories over the death of Vince Foster. In my opinion, this one is just silly, but, Trump has always seemed to buy into conspiracies. Leave this alone.

The article includes this quote from Rush Limbaugh

“What is so wrong about people being reminded of the Clinton past, or in some cases, being told about it for the first time? I mean, is anything in the past ever out of bounds for a Republican candidate?”

It’s a good point. Democrats bring up things from decades and decades ago. Remember, they dredged up stories about Mitt Romney hazing a kid and put his dog on the car roof in a dog carrier. Slate, which is Salon-lite, was outraged over the hazing hair cut, all the way back in 1965. So were a lot of media outlets. Same with the dog on the roof incident. Yet, most of these outlets are cool with Bill Clinton sexually assaulting, raping even, women.

Investigating, even just discussing, Bill’s sordid past and Hillary’s conduct in those actions? They are supposed to be out of bounds. Likewise, there is supposed to be no investigation of Hillary’s conduct as Secretary of State, especially Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation pay for play while SoS, nor her email server. You know what’s real important, though? Whether Donald has a hair weave.

If this campaign is nasty, it’s because one of the people running for president is a horrible person, married to another horrible person.

(Let’s be clear. I’m not supporting Trump. But, the Clinton’s are sleazeballs, with Hillary being even worse than Bill)

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