BURN! Trump Just UNLEASHED This BRUTAL Ad Against Hillary Clinton Just After His Big Primary Win

by Scott McKay | March 17, 2016 4:26 pm

If you’re a partisan Democrat, and you’re a member of one of that party’s loyal constituency groups, you probably don’t much further than the various class-warfare appeals Hillary Clinton has been making as her haphazard campaign lurches toward the pre-ordained Democrat nomination.

The rest of the country is looking for a little more, which is why Hillary’s approval ratings are awful and she consistently polls behind, if slightly, all the Republican hopefuls other than Donald Trump.

Speaking of Trump, though, he might have uncovered a secret to closing the gap the divisive GOP campaign has opened up in his disfavor should November come down to a Trump-Hillary race. That secret? Ridicule[1].


Fresh off the heels of Tuesday’s dominating performance in four of five state primaries, including winner-take-all Florida, Republican front-runner Donald Trump immediately aimed his fire Wednesday at Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

And he did so employing the same scorched-earth tactics that has proven to be so effective against his GOP opposition.

Trump released a devastating ad questioning Clinton’s toughness when it comes to dealing with foreign adversaries like Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and ISIS. The ad effectively uses Clinton’s own actions on the campaign trail to mock her and does so with lots of humor

Is this what we want for a President?[3]

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Anybody know what Rule No. 5 among Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals is? “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Trump, for all his faults, is the first Alinskyite Republican candidate. You’ve already seen how that has played out in a GOP primary; if he is to be the nominee we might be seeing the opening stages of what it would look like in a general election.

And while the poll numbers don’t look good for him at the moment, a few months of ads like this might well turn Hillary from a frontrunner into a figure of fun among the low-information voters she’ll be depending on.

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