BUSTED: Iraqi-American Man Who Claimed Mom Died Due To “Trump BAN” LIED!

BUSTED: Iraqi-American Man Who Claimed Mom Died Due To “Trump BAN” LIED!

Gee, another lie and fake news from the left. I’m so not surprised. This time, because lamestream media wants so badly to tar and feather President Trump over the refugee ban, they ran with a fabricated sob story from some Iraqi-American man who claimed that the ban had caused the death of his mother. Unfortunately for all of these leftists, it wasn’t true.

When the allegation came to light, social media came unglued and leftists and the media started hurling murder accusations at Trump. Even so-called ‘respected’ news outlets lapped it up and fell for it. It was a lie, concocted to feed the flames of those who are standing against President Trump’s executive order, which suspends most travel from terror-prone countries previously identified as problematic by the Obama administration.


From Breitbart:

An Iraqi-American man who made headlines earlier this week by claiming that his ailing mother had died because of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration lied, according to the imam of his local mosque, Detroit’s Fox 2 reported Wednesday.

The original story was that Mike Hager, a U.S. citizen born in Iraq, was visiting relatives in Iraq but was forced to abandon his mother in that country when he tried to return home.

Hager said he was returning home with his family that included his sick mom. They were returning home to the United States where his mother has lived since 1995. As they were waiting in line at the airport in Iraq on Friday, he was told that he could pass through because he was a U.S. citizen. But his family members – including his mom – weren’t allowed, despite holding green cards.

“I was just shocked. I had to put my mom back on the wheelchair and take her back and call the ambulance and she was very very upset. She knew right there if we send her back to the hospital she’s going to pass away – she’s not going to make it,” Hager said.

Sadly, he was right. He said Naimma, who lived in the United States since 1995, wasn’t allowed to come home and he said she died in her native country. Hager said if it weren’t for the order, his mom would still be alive today.

He blames her death on President Trump.

This is the latest hoax by the left to try and smear and obstruct Trump. It’s not going to work guys… give it up already. They are pouring fakes news into social media trying to stir up rage and chaos, just like they did at UC Berkeley last night against Milo.

Today, a number of these media outlets are now issuing retractions and apologies after this man’s imam came forward and exposed the whole thing as a lie. These mainstream media outlets quoted the man extensively, but apparently didn’t check to see when the mother actually died. “I really believe this in my heart: if they would have let us in, my mom – she would have made it and she would have been sitting right here next to me,” Hager told Fox News. “She’s gone because of him,” he added, a dramatic quote that was widely shared. His mother died prior to the ban. TheBlaze points out that Twitchy highlighted some of the other media organizations and figures that spread the false story, including the New York Daily News and CNN contributor Ron Fournier.

Is it any wonder that President Trump despises the media? Or that Americans have no use for them any more? What a despicable story spread by craven leftists… one phone call to vet the story would have stopped it before it started. Just one.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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