Car Plows Towards President Trump’s Motorcade [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 7, 2017 7:48 pm

A dramatic video shows the moment an out-of-control car nearly hit President Donald Trump’s motorcade in St. Louis, Missouri. As you are watching the video, you see the police lead the motorcade and the guys videoing the procession talk about how the manhole cover is tacked down for security. Suddenly, a white car comes barreling out of the woods just as The Beast is passing by. A Secret Service vehicle did a u-turn and came back to have a chat with the two women in the car.

Now, the story says that the two women had a brake failure and it was all just a coincidence. Uh huh. If I’m the Secret Service, I’m not buying it. You’re telling me that your brakes happen to fail in a Bass Pro parking lot. Then instead of staying on the pavement by turning the wheel until you can stop the car with your handbrake, you barrel down a slope, through the woods, slam across a culvert and manage to miraculously turn your car and stop it on the grass strip before you run it into the road and oncoming traffic. Not. Buying. It.


In fact, if I’m the Secret Service, I would want a look at those brakes. Were they cut? Were they made to look like they failed? It gives me no pause that these are middle aged women. Lots of radicals are these days. What’s more, I might put out there that it was an accident and quietly cart the women off for a not-so-friendly chat. Just sayin’. Good thing I’m not in charge.

But according to reports, the driver was unharmed and will not face charges over the incident. If that is true, Trump’s security truly sucks. But, the Secret Service knows more about the incident than I do. Hope they are a suspicious lot with all the Trump-hatred out there and the death threats floating around.


Onlookers to the event were shocked by it and they should be. Things could have gone very wrong, very fast. There was no way of knowing who was in the car, if they had a bomb or were armed. I wouldn’t like those odds much. Oh, and bonus… Jihadists like to ram with cars, so that would have floated through my mind as well. Everyone is brushing off the episode because they were average women. That should not make a bit of difference in today’s violently charged culture. I have friends in high-level security that were shocked that the women were just given a pass. Right there with ya guys.

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