Check it out: Surprising Christmas letter Putin sent to Trump! [VIDEO]

Check it out: Surprising Christmas letter Putin sent to Trump! [VIDEO]

I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with the letter he sent to President-elect Donald Trump. It’s only natural that two powerful leaders would wish each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Putin congratulated Trump on his win and suggested that they can work together to restore bilateral cooperation. But I draw the line at calling him ‘His Excellency’. That’s a touch too much. Just sayin’.

Trump thanked Putin for the letter and said it was very nice and that he agreed with it. Again, nothing out of line there. You can read the letter below. I still consider Russia to be our biggest enemy, but I am beginning to believe that Trump may find a way to deal with them. We’ll see. There was a lot of ‘nuclear weapons’ talk yesterday, with Trump saying we need to strengthen ours (very, very true) and Putin saying the same thing. As I’ve always said… the Cold War never ended… it shifted.


From Young Conservatives:

The Democrats have tried very hard to convince people that Trump and Putin worked together to rig the election.

It’s nonsense of course and we don’t even know for a fact that Putin was behind the hacked emails.

There is certainly no proof that Russia tampered with the actual voting process.

The reality is that Trump and Putin clearly seem to respect each other. Which isn’t the end of the world.

It looks like Putin sent a letter to Trump and the mainstream media is already losing their mind about it.

Anyone who has read one of Trump’s books or listened to him speak one time understands what he has been doing with Putin.

Trump understands that a positive relationship with Russia benefits the Untied States.

In a negotiation, you don’t run around bashing the person before you even sit down at the table.

So, Trump has been complimentary.

That doesn’t mean he supports the bad things Russia does. It doesn’t mean he and Putin are pals.

For the record, I am still suspicious of some of Trump’s dealings with the Russians. But he hasn’t done anything yet and I will be watching. It could go either way, but he seems to want to take a tough international geopolitical stance and I truly believe he wants to be remembered as a great President. His first 100 days will be key.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. We have very real enemies in Russia, China and Iran. So far, most of what Trump has said and done has been good in regards to the threat they pose to us. What will count is what he does when tested over it. Given, anything would be better than Obama… but to be great, he will have to carry through and that is what I’m waiting to see. He may surprise the entire world. He already took a strong stance for Israel and that is a very good start.

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