Classless Chelsea Clinton Trashes Trump… Gets a BRUTAL Response! [VIDEO]

Classless Chelsea Clinton Trashes Trump… Gets a BRUTAL Response! [VIDEO]

Liberals have lost their minds. They are convinced that any time now President Trump is going to start collecting people to put in camps. What they are so quick to forget, or too uneducated in history to know is that the last President in our nation’s history to do that was actually a socialist Democrat.

….but try telling a liberal that. It will ruin your day.

In fact, yesterday marked the 75th anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066. This was the executive order that implemented the internment of over 100,000 Japanese-Americans.

Of course, let’s leave it up to a Clinton to be a part of a large group of crazies to be the ones to remind us all of that dark spot in our country’s history.

Not Hillary, but Chelsea Clinton, who has been in the news more and more now…for her idiocy.

Exactly what kind of person would shower praise upon a president who was responsible for such an act? Easy..Hillary Clinton.

If she wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s daughter, I’d be more embarrassed for her, but right now…this kind of ‘stupid’ is expected from a Clinton.

Although Chelsea is extra special…she is the product of both Hillary and Bill.

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