CNN Commentator Tries To Educate Trump On SHARIA – America Responds, SHUTS HER DOWN!

CNN Commentator Tries To Educate Trump On SHARIA – America Responds, SHUTS HER DOWN!

Sally Kohn is so brutally stupid it hurts. I never watch her, because you can just feel your IQ sinking as her drivel melts your brain cells. Unfortunately, I accidentally caught her latest piece of twisted logic and it’s a doozy.

She is lecturing Donald Trump on Sharia law and its acceptability. I may not support Trump by any means, but the one thing he got right before he flip-flopped on it was extreme vetting of Islamists who adhere to Sharia law. It needs to be done before we allow them in. Adherence to Sharia is a huge indicator of radicalism.

Sally Kohn

From the Independent Journal:

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Citing internet “trolls” who apparently asked her to prove the existence of progressive Muslims who believed in Sharia, CNN contributor Sally Kohn wrote an opinion piece on the subject.

Sally Kohn1

Her intent, in addition to appeasing her critics, was to educate Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after he advocated for “extreme vetting” of Muslim immigrants and a ban on those who would have Sharia supersede American law.

Sally Kohn2

This idiot tries to explain that Sharia law is subjective, which it is not. To the devout Muslim, it IS their legal construct and supersedes our rule of law and Constitution. She claims there is no book called Sharia and that is true. It’s part of the Quran and the Hadith. That’s her first false pretext. Her second is quoting a lesbian feminist Muslim who states: “Essentially any Muslim who is practicing at any level is following some part of Sharia. I don’t drink. I don’t go to clubs. I also pray according to the rules and a whole host of other things. So basically I’m engaging with Sharia every single day.” Except that if she were a true Muslim and followed Sharia, she would not be a lesbian or a feminist, both of which are punishable by death in Islam.

The next one just blows my mind. It has absolutely no basis in reality. She said that to Muslims, embracing Sharia as “the underpinnings” of a legal system is no different than embracing Christianity as the underpinnings of United States law, adding: “That doesn’t necessarily mean following the most violent or severe interpretations of Christianity — thankfully stoning is not enshrined into US law (although we do execute more people than virtually any other country).” Note to moron: Christians do not currently stone people… Muslims do. Liberals also rail about separation of church and state. You can’t have it both ways… either religion is separate from government or it isn’t. Christianity in my viewpoint is the underpinning of US law. Islam certainly is not. We were founded on Christian principles, not Islamic ones. Fail.

Even though Kohn glibly claims that we execute more people than any other country, that’s not true. US News compiled data on the countries that executed the most people in 2015, and the United States ranked fifth with 28 executions. Topping the list was China, with over 1,000 state-sponsored executions. The other three nations that ranked above the United States — Iran (at least 977 executions), Pakistan (at least 326 executions) and Saudi Arabia (at least 158 executions) — all have legal systems that are rooted in Sharia. So, comparing Christian morality with Islamic Sharia is just insane.

Sharia law is simply incompatible with our rule of law and the Constitution. Liberals like Kohn who call for the acceptance of it in America are a danger to our nation.

Sally Kohn3

Sally Kohn4

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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