CNN still pushing fake story about Muslim attacked by Trumpsters

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 13, 2016 10:32 am

CNN is the poster child[1] for media bias and once again they don’t disappoint. A full two days after a Muslim female student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette admitted she had made up a story about being attacked by two white, male Trumpsters, CNN is still pushing the story as if it is true. This woman claimed that the men drove up, got out and attacked her. That one was wearing a Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ cap and they beat her and robbed her, stealing her belongings and hijab. She also said they hurled racial slurs at her. She didn’t realize there were cameras there and that they prove it never happened. There were no other witnesses and it was labeled the hoax that it was.

Brian Stelter, a CNN reporter who has previously reported using fake news stories, put the article out on Twitter[2] and encouraged his followers to read about post-election “hateful acts.” Elizabeth Brown of Reason[3] bluntly states that this is bull crap. That the entire notion of a Trump-inspired crime wave is false in a column titled, “There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave In ‘Trump’s America.’” At least someone in the media is telling the truth.


From The Daily Caller:

Liberal news network CNN is still pushing a hoax story about a Muslim woman who claimed to have been attacked and robbed by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump after his election on Tuesday.

The woman, who attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, claimed that two white men, one of whom was wearing a Trump hat, attacked her and stole her wallet and the hijab she was wearing.

The unnamed woman claimed her attackers knocked her to the ground while hurling racial slurs at her.

She later admitted to police that she fabricated the entire thing.

A full two days after the woman admitted the story was false, CNN is still using it to help push a narrative about a rise of anti-Muslim hate crimes inspired by Trump’s election.

A CNN article published Saturday night informed readers of a “hijab-wearing college student robbed by men talking about Trump and Muslims.”

This is par for the course for CNN who was in bed with Hillary Clinton during her whole campaign. They actively made Clinton look tough, competent and presidential, while depicting Trump as a blundering, dishonest buffoon. They were basically a propaganda outlet for Clinton and her goons.

This is the same network that fed questions to Hillary Clinton on more than one occasion before the debates. Then they denied it. It’s reprehensible that they would keep promoting a story that they know is a lie in order to smear Donald Trump and his supporters. No one is surprised anymore. This is why CNN is no longer trusted.


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