OF COURSE! ‘Travel Ban’ Haters Prove They Have NO IDEA What They Are Protesting! VIDEO

OF COURSE! ‘Travel Ban’ Haters Prove They Have NO IDEA What They Are Protesting! VIDEO

This is so stunningly stupid, I just don’t know what to say. Citizen journalist Austen Fletcher decided to go to the Tom Bradley International Airport (LAX) and interview protesters, asking them why they were objecting to President Trump’s refugee ban. The answers will make your ears bleed, I kid you not. I’m beginning to slowly realize there are a lot more morons in this country than I ever imagined. A number of them were at this airport. These are orchestrated and choreographed protests. Just as the chants are. As Nancy Pelosi put it… it’s astroturf. These people have absolutely no idea why they are protesting. They were told to show up and they did.

This was a huge protest at this airport that disrupted travelers and really pissed everyone off. Notice how they all use the same talking points that include 9/11. They claim that we haven’t had a major terrorist attack since then. Gee, they might want to ask those in Boston or in Florida or even in California if that is even remotely true. I assume they are saying that to justify letting in all refugees with absolutely no vetting, because they don’t believe there’s any way these people mean to hurt us. Someone should tell them that stupidity kills. Seriously.


From Young Conservatives:

Citizen journalist Austen Fletcher went out to Tom Bradley International Airport (LAX) to ask protesters of President Donald Trump’s travel ban what were their reasons for protesting.

As Chicks on the Right note, these protests suddenly sprung up magically out of nowhere and ended up blocking people’s way into the airport. Naturally that will endear passengers to their cause.

But obviously these protesters must be very passionate and clear about their reasons for being there, right?

Check this and you’ll hear some amazing reasons.

Jeremy is so passionate he’s unable to even say why he’s there.

“He’s [Trump’s] doing it because of 9/11?” Wait what? Who ever said that? Hello, ISIS? The reason those seven countries are named is because of the current threat from radical Islamic terrorists, most prominently ISIS.

These people are unable to even adequately get out the Democratic talking point about 9/11 being done by Saudis which does nothing to diminish the current threat from the 7 countries in question.

There was a perfectly fine democracy in Syria? Well, if you don’t count the civil war and the chemical attacks on their own citizens, sure.

Anonymous? If you’re having conversations with “extremists” maybe the FBI should be having a little chat with you.

And just in case you think all the morons are on the west coast, there are plenty in New York as well. Fox News personality Jesse Watters took to the streets of New York to question students who skipped school to protest President Trump’s travel ban this last week. There were literally hundreds of students there and they claim it is with their teachers’ blessings. Given, they sound slightly more intelligent than the last batch… just barely. One thing they have in common is that they really don’t have any idea what they are protesting.

One student told Watters that America was a terrorist haven, while another student who was protesting told Watters that he believes that everyone coming into the country should be vetted without realizing that he was in fact actually speaking in support of Trump’s travel ban. I’ll bet you there were teachers there as well. You can be any age and still be a useful idiot. And in this case, coast to coast suicidal idiocy is on parade.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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