Cruz Wins Big In Wisconsin, Trump Takes It As You’d Expect

In Wisconsin, Cruz took 48.3% of the vote to Trump’s 35.1%, with 99% reporting. This made The Donald very upset, and had him reacting in exactly the way that has turned many off, even pushing them into the #NeverTrump camp (I’m not one of them, I’ll still put on a gas mask and vote for him, at least at this time, in the general, because he’s still better than anything the Democrats can put up) with this statement

Donald J. Trump withstood the onslaught of the establishment yet again. Lyin’ Ted Cruz had the Governor of Wisconsin, many conservative talk radio show hosts, and the entire party apparatus behind him. Not only was he propelled by the anti-Trump Super PAC’s spending countless millions of dollars on false advertising against Mr. Trump, but he was coordinating `with his own Super PAC’s (which is illegal) who totally control him. Ted Cruz is worse than a puppet— he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump. We have total confidence that Mr. Trump will go on to win in New York, where he holds a substantial lead in all the polls, and beyond. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who can secure the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination and ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton, or whomever is the Democratic nominee, in order to Make America Great Again.

That’s a statement from not a sore loser, but Sore Loser, and the statement isn’t just attacking Ted Cruz, he’s attacking those Republican/Conservative voters who prefer the message of Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. Trump accuses Cruz and others of illegal activity without a shred of proof. Team Cruz responded

Thing is, Trump didn’t spend all that much time in Wisconsin. He didn’t get out there and shake hands, woo people, work the voters all across the state. Cruz did. No precinct was too small for Ted to hit. Because that’s what people do during elections. Trump shows up and expects people to comply.

Erik Erickson, who post the Trump comment, notes

Trump is classy you guys. Except when he’s not. Which is all the time. But if you think he’s a sore loser, go check out the special group of rabid, frothy-mouthed lunatic fringe fans he has on Twitter. Not the normals. The special ones. It’s a spectacle.

No, not all are like that, and I’d suspect that the majority aren’t like that. What we tend to see is those who are more vocal. Breitbart gets a bit snippy

10:00: Cruz also says that instead of negotiating with terrorists, he will rip to shreds the Iranian deal.

[Cruz is basically giving his stump speech and hardly adding anything new for such an important “turning point” speech.]

And the Trumpites had little meltdowns in the comments

  • I smell rats…. Watching the count at 2%, already a winning projection was made to Cruz? And it kept 20% to 21% apart. Could someone explain to me how it’s possible, without blocking the other candidate’s votes?
  • There were reports at polling stations, that when a vote was cast for Trump, the machine would spit the ballot out of the machine
  • I use to work for a company in Wisconsin and the people up there are kinda weird. No wonder Bernie and Cruz won.
  • Land of liberals.. well known for it..
  • The illegal Canadian migrant has sold his useless soul to the devil, the GOPe.

Just a sampling, and, of course, there are a bunch going with the utterly fake Ted Cruz sex story, plus Cruz birtherism. I’m not even going to go into the insanity of some Trumpites within my Twitter feed.

Trump is doing a great job in dividing the GOP. He doesn’t seem to understand that one shouldn’t go all in in attacking the people people that you need to come out and vote for you in the general election if you win the primaries.

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