Dallas Police Tell The Truth About Protesters And Prove Trump RIGHT! [VIDEO]

Dallas Police Tell The Truth About Protesters And Prove Trump RIGHT! [VIDEO]

InfoWars had a reporter at the Trump rally in Dallas. The police did an exceptional job of keeping the protesters away from the Trump attendees at the rally. As they were going through the line on the way to their cars, one officer admits to the reporter that the protesters were bused in for the event. Figures. You can’t find enough liberals in Dallas that are radicals, so they have to bring them in. George Soros’ money at work.


From Liberty Unyielding:

A Dallas police officer admitted to InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs that the unruly protesters present at Donald Trump’s Thursday rally had actually been bused in from out of state.

In the video, Biggs walks with a group of Trump supporters on the outside of temporary barriers, away from the venue.

The group approaches one of the police officers, who turns to them and says “we’re going to push the protesters to that side of the street, away from y’all, so they can get to their busses quietly and not cause any problems.”

“Why do they have busses?” Biggs asks the officer, who responds, “yeah, they got bused in. Once they’re all secured on the buses — out of the picture — we’ll open [the barriers] up, and you all can go to your cars.”

At least two protesters were led off by police in custody. The rest looked like they wanted to get their violence on, but the police were not having any of that nonsense. The Trump crowd seemed peaceful and happy. They were the total opposite of the other side. It just proves how staged these protests are – it is true astro-turfing against Trump supporters. In other states, you see them start fights and attack people while the police stand back and let it happen because their superiors order them to. Not in Texas… not on their watch.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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