Democrats Find Terrifying New Way to Move Forward With Trump Impeachment

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | April 19, 2017 8:36 am

The Dems just never freaking give up.[1] They can’t accept they lost the last presidential election and they are still looking for ways to take Trump down. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) has introduced a bill that streamlines the Constitution’s presidential removal procedures. It would empower former presidents and vice presidents of both parties to work with the sitting vice president to declare the current president unfit and remove him from office. Although it is unlikely to go through in the extreme, it shows where the Dems’ heads are at… they are so desperate to remove Trump, they would go for Pence.

The Dems, in their fevered dream of taking Trump down, think that Pence would be a lame duck president. Not so. If they thought Trump was bad, they have no idea what Pence would do… he’s actually a conservative and a Christian. I’ll take that bet every single time. Of the four surviving presidents, three are Democrats and one is the husband of the most recently defeated Democrat nominee. Biased much? The only way they could get this through is if they amended the Constitution and there is no way in hell that will ever happen.


From The Hill[3]:

A House Democrat has introduced legislation to enhance the Constitution’s presidential removal procedures in response to concerns about President Trump’s behavior.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) filed the bill during the House’s two-week April recess to empower former presidents and vice presidents of both parties, in coordination with the sitting vice president, to determine if a president is fit for office.

“It is hard to imagine a better group to work with the vice president to examine whether the president is able to discharge the duties of the office. When there are questions about the president’s ability to fulfill his or her constitutional responsibilities, it is in the country’s best interest to have a mechanism in place that works effectively,” Blumenauer said in a statement.

Blumenauer’s proposal stems from concern that the Constitution’s 25th Amendment, which was adopted five decades ago, would fall short in cases of emotional or mental incapacity.

The amendment states that the vice president assumes the Oval Office in the event that a president is removed from office, dies or resigns.

Alternatively, the vice president and a majority of Cabinet officers can also jointly declare that a president is unfit to serve. The vice president would then take over as president in such a case. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see this EVER happening. It’s one thing if a president is assassinated, it’s quite another to actively remove him. That’s called a coup. Passing this bill would also make it almost impossible for a president to do what is in the people’s best interests and not in the establishment’s.

In the event that a president refused to step down, two-thirds of both the House and Senate would have to vote to force the resignation. Blumenauer posited that the mechanism wouldn’t be effective if a mentally unstable president simply fired all the Cabinet members. He argued it’s also possible that Cabinet members might feel pressured to stand by the president in a polarized political environment despite their own personal misgivings. So, now he’s openly calling President Trump ‘mentally unstable’.

Blumenauer first raised his concerns about the 25th Amendment in a House floor speech in February during which he expressed worry about what he viewed as “erratic” behavior from Trump. At the time, he pointed to Trump’s baseless claims about voter fraud in the election (which absolutely happened) and stating that it was sunny during his inaugural address when it was, in fact, raining. A handful of Democratic lawmakers have openly raised questions about Trump’s psychological state since he took office in January, including Blumenauer, Sen. Al Franken (MN) and Reps. Ted Lieu (CA) and John Yarmuth (KY). All Democrats and all are communists. In my opinion, this move is very close to sedition.


As John Hawkins says in his new book ‘101 Things Young Adults Should Know’, right or wrong, good or bad, the more you achieve, the more criticism you will receive. And that is exactly what is happening here. Trump is getting the bureaucracy to finally move once again… even if it is just a little… and the Marxists just won’t stand for it. That means what Trump is doing is working to some extent.


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