Why Democrats Are Pulling for Trump

by Dave Blount | March 24, 2016 2:19 pm

Left-wing Democrats are straightforward about it — they want Trump to win the nomination:

The restive political milieu that’s given rise to Donald Trump will only benefit Democrats in November, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday.

Hoyer, the Democratic whip, said Trump’s combative campaign — and the sharp GOP split over the merits of his bid — will alienate voters and fuel “substantial” gains for House Democrats at the polls.

“Democrats are in good shape,” Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol. “I think we are, in fact, doing better. I think the environment is better for us. And I think we’re going to pick up a substantial number of seats.”

After the prolonged misery of the Obama Administration, this election was Republicans’ to lose. They are rising to that challenge.

Hoyer crows:

“In the polling, about two-thirds of the American people — which includes, obviously, Republicans and independents — do not believe Trump is a responsible candidate for president of the United States that they would feel comfortable having as the leader of the country.

“In that context … I think the environment is good for us.”

Last Friday the Democrats got some good news when the Cook Political Report, a prominent online election handicapper, shifted 10 seats in its most-watched ratings columns, all in favor of the Democrats.

Probably the most conspicuously corrupt politician in the country, Hillary Clinton only stays out of prison by Obama’s grace. But she could easily beat Trump, who horrifies most voters:


In light of Shrillary’s shortcomings as a candidate, turnout was going to be a problem for Democrats — until Trump saved the day:

Democrats are gleeful at the prospect of Donald Trump on the Republican presidential ticket, believing his candidacy will turn out liberal voters in droves.

So many fear a Trump presidency, Democrats say, that it may generate huge enthusiasm from key segments of the base — even if the party’s likely nominee, Hillary Clinton, fails to resonate on the same level.

The growing Hispanic population will be particularly motivated to vote:

Some insiders also noted one of Trump’s biggest challenges: avoiding a wipeout among Hispanic voters, who make up an ever-increasing segment of the electorate and who dislike Trump intensely. The celebrity billionaire is viewed favorably by just 12 percent of Hispanics and unfavorably by 77 percent, according to Gallup’s average of its daily polling between early January and early March.

Given how incessantly the Donald has touted polls favoring him, you would think that polls indicating that he will lose the general election in a blowout would concern Trump followers. But some of them regard a Shrillary presidency as preferable to Trump not getting the nomination.

Trump has still never cleared the 50% mark in a primary. If he can’t win a majority of Republican voters in any state, he has no chance whatsoever in a national election.

This electoral tantrum has already cost Republicans the White House. The question now is how far into Congress — and into the future — the collateral damage will extend. Not only will Shrillary possibly have both the House and the Senate behind her, but an entire generation will associate the GOP with a figure who is disliked by the overwhelming majority of the population, in particular younger voters, who may be forming lifelong allegiances.

With the opposition party left in ruins by Trump, the damage a radicalized Democrat Party could inflict is incalculable.

At this point the only good news for conservatives is that at least we will never have to hear President Trump’s First Inaugural Address.

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