Democrats Unleash Their New Attack Dog On Trump, But It Proves Ineffective

Democrats Unleash Their New Attack Dog On Trump, But It Proves Ineffective

Great. I find myself halfway agreeing with the fruitloop from the left, Elizabeth Warren. She’s not wrong about Trump… he lied his way through the entire primary. He was successful at branding a good, honest man of faith as a liar. He made the Constitution and the law irrelevant. He is a racist and a misogynist. And he’s a bully and a thug. But then again, so is Elizabeth ‘lying’ Warren, who wouldn’t know the truth if it trout smacked her across her smug mug. What’s with all the name calling? Are we all five now? This is just embarrassing on so many levels for America. I can’t even bear to watch the show at times. America… you are about to elect either a Marxist or a fascist… are you not entertained?


From BizPac Review:

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has twice now unleashed a tweet storm against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

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And to no one’s surprise Donald Trump is now firing back.

Trump brushed off  Warren’s first attack in March by dismissing her as “that Indian,” a reference to Warren’s ridiculous assertion that she is part Native American.

A claim that has seen her mockingly referred to as “Fauxcahontas” since her 2012 campaign against Scott Walker.

Let the Twitter wars rage on. The Phony Cherokee vs. the Phony Republican… it would be a comedy except it’s not funny in the least. The exchanges signal the start of what could be a nasty surrogate side-battle as the general election campaign begins to take shape. Warren is poised to be an aggressive Trump critic, for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, should she lock up the nomination. And for Trump, who thrives off detecting weakness and pouncing, Warren is a target-rich environment. While there is no doubt what a fraud Fauxcahontas is, Trump is just as big a fraud. It’s the battle of the liars and hucksters center stage. One of the ironies of this fight is that the two are vying, at least in part, for the same voters – blue-collar workers and swing-state independents who may well decide the election. Trump is trying to pull them right with promises of more coal and less regulation, while Warren, with her strong progressive bona fides, is pulling left with a call for more government safety nets and regulation. Both are fighting for the socialist/commie vote, while constitutional conservatives wait in the wings to pick up the pieces after one of them finishes America off.








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