“DEPLORABLE” Hillary – DESTROYED With Trump’s New Ad Campaign…VIDEO

“DEPLORABLE” Hillary – DESTROYED With Trump’s New Ad Campaign…VIDEO

I’m not a Trumpster, but this is a very well done, hard hitting ad. Hillary Clinton stuck her whole leg in her mouth when she called half of Trump’s supporters deplorable. Even when she apologized, she intimated that she regretted not calling all of them that. Now, it’s Trump’s turn.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now urging her surrogates to blame the media for having a double standard if they’re pressed about her derogatory dig at “half” of Donald Trump supporters being “deplorables,” The Washington Post reports. Uh, fail… Hillary owns this screw-up big time.

According to the Post, the advice is contained in a memo, “‘Deplorable’ Comment Talking Points,” sent out Saturday afternoon to Democrats preparing for TV interviews, or other appearances on Clinton’s behalf.


From TruthFeed:

Team Trump did not waste time in fighting back against Hillary’s “DEPLORABLE”

The memo says Clinton has “apologized” – which she didn’t – for saying “most” rather than “some” – and that “obviously not everyone supporting Trump is part of the alt right,” the Post reports. “If pushed,” surrogates should shame the media, the memo advises, according to the Post. “I think we can all agree that if Donald Trump said something controversial about Clinton supporters, it wouldn’t have been in his top 10 list of offensive statements in [the] day,” the advice reads, the Post reports. “It’s well past time the press stopped grading Trump on a curve.”

This is incredible ammo for the Trump campaign. Hillary is insulting a whole lot of voters out there instead of discussing the issues. She’s actually helping Trump by coming up with statements like she did. She should just shut it.

And now with her illness taking front and center, she’s in real deep dung here. I don’t know if Trump will use her health against her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. If he can paint her as frail and unwell, that she is incapable of leading this country, he may very well win in November.

There are people that are behind each of these candidates that are not good people. But there are tons of good people on both sides who think they are doing the right thing. I happen to not like either one of them, so for me, this is now an exercise in political observation. It’s one thing to insult the guy you are running against, it’s quite another to insult voters. It was a stupid move on Hillary’s part, but it did show us how she really feels briefly.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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