DHS Whistleblower Volunteers To Help Trump ‘Drain The Swamp’ [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | January 23, 2017 12:10 am

If you haven’t read about this bold Department of Homeland Security whistle-blower and author, then you need to right now. This man is Phil Haney and he is perfectly positioned to help President Donald Trump[1] do what he said he would… drain the swamp that is Washington D.C..


Since Phil Haney’s book, “See Something Say Nothing” came out, he has been on the front lines, leading the rising up of Americans who consolidated at the ballot box to turn this country away from voluntary blindness, grotesquely loose immigration policies and failed counter-terrorism policies in the name of social justice. Haney believes that “people knew intuitively that something wasn’t right” in our government’s policies when it came to keeping Americans safe, “I know where the valves are and people like me do.”


Haney is a soft-spoken leader who traveled to 90 cities starting in Indianapolis, IN in April, to Omaha, NE on Nov. 7, addressing millions of uneasy Americans.

“You will have to hold your nose because once you take the water out, then the real forensic work begins. We’re going to have to put our hazmat suits on, and wade into that toxic muck to dig all the pieces of evidence out of the bottom of the pond.”

Haney says a thorough investigation into the last 8 years will yield evidence of decisions and policies made by senior leaders in the DHS, FBI, CIA and of course the White House that have obliterated the security of America and weakened it tremendously.

In that book he reveals that important law enforcement records were deliberately destroyed. Draining the swamp will allow Americans to know who and why law enforcement was made a target to the public these last few years and how some Americans lost their lives because of judgments made by many in power.

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