Disney CEO Staying as Trump Adviser, Makes THIS Claim About His Company’s “LIBERAL BIAS” [VIDEO]

Disney CEO Staying as Trump Adviser, Makes THIS Claim About His Company’s “LIBERAL BIAS” [VIDEO]

Disney CEO Bob Iger just got his panties in a twist because someone had the temerity to call him out on his media bias. He hotly defended both ABC News and ESPN. Either he is blind to his company’s own bias or he’s a liar. It’s that simple. This is a man who held fundraisers for Hillary Clinton. That in itself could go by the wayside, but ABC has been a big promoter of what is actually fake news and so has ESPN. In fact, ESPN is having to lay people off because they’ve gotten so political people have turned them off. They are absolutely hostile to conservative viewpoints and are proud of it. They aren’t journalists… they are propagandists.

Justin Danhof asked Iger whether Disney would continue to cater to “liberal coastal elites or make your company welcoming to all Americans?” “I’m going to disagree with just about everything you said, but I’m not going to address everything you said,” replied Iger. He won’t answer everything because lying would trip him up. Danhof is right… ABC and ESPN disparage conservatives and elevate elitists. Iger claimed the characterization of the companies was completely exaggerated. Not so much… it was probably understated.


From Western Journalism:

Disney CEO Bob Iger defended his company’s media arms ABC News and ESPN against charges of liberal bias at the corporation’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Denver on Wednesday.

Justin Danhof, general counsel with the National Center for Public Policy Research, questioned Iger why Disney is so hostile to conservative view points.

Danhof offered the example of the WikiLeaks documents released last year showing operatives with Hillary Clinton’s campaign working with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos to de-legitimize Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer and his work. “These [revelations] have gone un-refuted, and that’s not journalism,” the attorney charged.

Danhof also raised the issue of ESPN’s liberal bias against conservatives, which the company’s public editor admitted in an op-ed shortly after President Donald Trump’s election.

Additionally, he highlighted that Trump included ABC News among those he identified as purveyors of “fake news.”

Iger claims you won’t see political bias at ABC or ESPN. Well, he won’t because he doesn’t recognize what he sees as bias. But it damn sure is. Iger argued that there are always going to be people, including Danhof and Trump, who believe the news is not being presented in a way that is “consistent with their own beliefs. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are being unfair.” Turn that around… just because what you are spouting is consistent with your beliefs doesn’t mean it’s fair. See how that works?

Then Iger had the nerve to go on and use the Constitution and our freedoms to cover the actions of his media conglomerate. What about the rights of Americans? Whatever happened to the media ensuring facts were uncovered and the truth was reported? He quotes First Amendment rights, but his companies use that right to lie, smear and spread fake news. Iger joined the Trump Advisory Council so he could have the ear of the President and cover his own ass. He’s a flaming liberal and a dishonest one at that.

Dan Gainor, the Media Research Center’s vice president for business and culture said it best: “I admire Iger’s willingness to continue working with the president despite left-wing pressure, but to say that ABC has covered the president fairly sounds more like the plotline for another Disney fairy tale than anything grounded in reality. He might want to pull some tape on ABC News lefty Martha Raddatz before saying more.”

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