Donald Trump Jr. Sends Wicked Reality Check To Kathy Griffin After She Attempts To Play ‘Victim’

by Sonja Bochow | June 4, 2017 12:26 am


Comedian Kathy Griffin[2] has been all over the news and not for a good reason. After putting together a photo shoot of herself holding a fake severed bloodied effigy of President Trump’s head, the media and most of America proceeded to erupt in a firestorm of well-deserved criticism for the graphic violence and poor taste of the depiction. As well, the fact that she thinks beheading is the basis for comedy, shows that she is completely out of touch with today’s brutal reality. For many people around the world beheadings aren’t comedy, they are barbaric reality in which they have lost countless loved ones to radical Islamic terrorists.

When Griffin, in reaction to the the nationwide criticism she received, attempted to turn it around and claim she was the victim of bullying by the Trump family, President Trump’s son Donald Trump, Jr. had something to say to the bizarre and crude Ms. Griffin. He tweeted out; “The only thing #KathyGriffin is a victim of is her own ignorance. 24 hours from fake apology to victim status is impressive by any standard!”

Griffin’s horrific action also scared Trump’s youngest child, 11 year-old Barron Trump, who saw the picture and was understandably upset. Trump Jr. commented, “It’s really hard to play victim when you decide it’s ok to attack #POTUS & HIS CHILD in a premeditated fashion.”

Someone should tell Kathy Griffin that pretending to be ISIS isn’t funny. But the truth is that Griffin didn’t do anything worse than what the campus rioters did and continue to do whenever they think there’s a chance a conservative speaker may set foot on campus. It’s just that she’s more visible and publicly known than groups of college students dressed like ninjas. CNN can fire her or do as it pleases of course. But the real test will be their reaction to the same kind of behavior which originates on campus and at protests. Griffin has made the mistake of enacting the radical Left’s ideology and taking it to its logical conclusion by engaging in a tasteless photo shoot. The Left forgot to tell her that if it looks like she might make them look bad or unhinged, they don’t have her back. But let’s not pretend this ridiculousness doesn’t happen all the time. She’s just the scapegoat. What she did is completely tasteless. But that’s been her entire career. Still, she’s the sacrifice to make it look like the Left actually cares about being reasonable.

The truly scary part of all of this is that there are many on the Left who have no problem with what she did. No tactic is too low, no pose is too controversial, no act too brutal, as long as the ones being attacked are Republicans or Conservatives. Many on the Left have made death threats toward Trump or said they’ve thought about blowing up the White House, among other things. Griffin isn’t unique, the Left is full of bitter, angry, sore election losers who think it’s normal to threaten the President and his family. America’s Left is unhinged.

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