Donald Trump Mocks Liz Warren as “The Indian” After Her Anti-Trump Twitter Tirade

by Cassy Fiano | March 22, 2016 4:33 pm

Most conservatives know Liz Warren as the Democrat from Massachusetts who tried to pass herself off as Native American, but her tweets about Donald Trump will leave people of all party affiliations cheering. And of course, Donald Trump responded the only way he knows how: with cheap insults and absolutely nothing substantive whatsoever.

donald trump elizabeth warren[1]

He asks the reporter, “you mean the Indian?” and the reporter doesn’t even acknowledge the question!

Here’s what Liz Warren said on Twitter about the Donald:

Well, OK, to be fair, that’s kinda true.

OK, also true.

Dang, woman.


OK, Liz Warren is an idiot, but she’s pretty much dead on about her assessment of the Donald.

Notice that Trump didn’t actually rebut a single one of Warren’s claims. Maybe because he knows it’s all true, and the only thing he can hope to do is distract his mindless followers with another flashy insult.

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