Donald Trump slams the New York Times, what he said has them shaking [VIDEO]

by Frank Lea | January 29, 2017 10:03 am

President Trump BLASTED another mainstream media news outlet and called them FAKE NEWS. This time the victim is the New York Times and Trump labeled them as failing fake news[1]. He suggested that someone else buy them and run it the right way, or let it close down with a little bit of dignity remaining.

After viewing the New York Times Twitter page, it’s obvious they contradict themselves. They posted pictures of people protesting Trump’s executive order protecting America from terrorists, yet many months before this they were posting pictures of the victims of a Muslim terror act with the Orlando night club shooting. So, who is more important? The people who live here, or the people trying to get in?

If you look further into their Twitter timeline, they also have many neutral stories that ask for people’s opinions. These stories seem OK to me.

Let’s look at the NYTimes homepage. There it is! A headline titled “Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Cowardly and Dangerous[2],” might be what triggered Trump into his Twitter tweet.

That article is written by the “editorial board” and they don’t list the names of the people who think this way. Most likely, some lackey basement dwelling liberal who can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost and also hasn’t taken the time to consider national security over speedy immigration.


“Somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing @nytimes and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!” Trump wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Taking to social media to blast mainstream media outlets like the Times has been a favorite activity of Trump since the campaign last year.

He most recently blasted the Times, along with the Washington Post, in a series of tweets on Saturday, where he labeled the historic newspapers as “fake news” with “declining” readership and subscriptions. He also said the papers write “false and angry” stories about him.

Trump, in the opening days of his presidency, has made it clear that he will not make friends with in the media while in the White House. Just nine days prior to taking office, Trump singled out a reputable CNN reporter and blasted him for his network’s coverage.

While most of the stories on the NY Times may not be fake, there are some that could be labeled as misleading. Trump’s executive order is designed to be SAFER, not dangerous like the opinion piece so solemnly swears.

What is dangerous about a 30-day delay in which Muslim refugees are vetted more thoroughly?

I don’t see a problem with that.

If a Muslim plans to immigrate to the United States, then can’t they give a 30-day notice to get vetted? Then when they arrive, they’ve already been investigated?

With all the terror acts committed by Muslims, your country would be wise to take safety precautions as best as they can.

It’s nothing personal, just a matter of safety.

People need to understand that national security is more important than your feelings.

Stop crying over every little thing that hurts your feelings. National security is way more important.[3]

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