Early Votes are COUNTED – Trump Overjoyed….

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 24, 2016 1:46 pm

I’m surprised by this.[1] According to Fox News just last night, Trump was losing in Florida. Not so much. I checked the results myself just now. It is indeed 42% for Trump and 40% for Clinton in early voting. Now, there’s a caveat… 38% of the Republican vote is still outstanding, as is 39% of the Democratic vote. So, anything could happen at this point. These are strictly vote-by-mail numbers, but I’ll tell you what… it is looking better for Trump than the media is claiming. But this does not say how he would do in regular voting.

Trump must be overjoyed by this development and his critics must be flummoxed. Florida is one of those states that Donald Trump must win to prevail in the election. We are now two weeks from election day and this bodes well for Trump. Clinton is acting like she already has it in the bag and is calling Trump a sore loser… not so fast, Hildabeast.


From Gateway Pundit:

Florida is a must-win state for Donald Trump to declare victory on election day and the good news is that he’s off to a very good start.

In fact, his lead in early voting there is a first for Republicans.

Back in September Trump led Hillary Clinton in early voting.


Trump still leads Hillary Clinton in Florida early voting.

In 2012 the early voting breakdown was this:
43% Democrats
40% Republicans
17% Other-Independent

This year the early voting breakdown is:
40% Democrat
42% Republican
18% Other-Independent

They say a Republican leading in early voting in Florida is a first. I can’t help but wonder if this is the case in other states as well. I guess we will see on election day or the day after. I’ll tell you one thing, you aren’t getting the truth from polls or the media. I just checked and CBS’ Battleground Tracker[4] has Clinton leading 46% to 43% in Florida. If early voting is to believed, that is simply not true. To be fair, they show Trump leading Clinton in Texas 46% to 43%. There again, I heard from the media it was a tossup in Texas.

There is so much bull crap floating around, you can’t tell for sure who is winning where. All I can tell you is vote your conscience on election day, but make sure you do indeed vote. Neither one of the candidates is liked in this race. As an observer on the outside now who has no real candidate, I can attest to that. But I do think the polls and media are screwing with Trump. Florida attests to that currently.


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