Elizabeth Warren LIES Right To The American People…So Trump THROWS It Right In Her Face!

by Tiffiny Ruegner | April 2, 2017 12:48 am

By: Right Wing News’ Just An American

Donald Trump Jr. is very good at the counters when it comes to Twitter. I’m pretty sure he’s a lot better than his dad, because he just smacked Elizabeth Warren’s twitter account all up and down the street with just one tweet!

So, who else is getting a little tired of being told they are the ‘bad guys’[1] because they are on the side of the “millionaires and billionaires?” They’re told this by the Democrats…Who are also millionaires and billionaires…

Hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Senator Elizabeth Warren, the worst senator in Congress, took to her Twitter account recently to boost and cheer the failure of the Paul Ryan plan to replace Obamacare.

Seemingly it was Warren’s mention of “the rich and powerful” that caused Trump Jr. to perk up and shove the Senator’s face right into her own bull crap!

He tweeted:

Listen, I’m not criticizing the fact that Warren’s salary was a ridiculously large amount for such little effort…That’s good work if you can get it. The issue that I and everyone else on the right have is that she’s a hypocrite and doesn’t even care that she’s lying out of her…well, you know.

TheBlaze[7] sets the record straight on this one:

“Warren, according to financial disclosure forms that lawmakers are required to file, has a net worth that puts her in the top 1 percent of Americans in terms of wealth. This despite the fact that she and her colleagues regularly slam rich Americans for being too “rich and powerful” and not paying their ‘fair share.'”

“In fact, she was even paid a massive salary by Harvard in 2010 — a whopping $430,000 — to teach a bankruptcy law class. Those facts are what Trump Jr. ripped Warren for.”

Now do you see? She’s a big, fat, fake like the rest of her partners.

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