Elizabeth Warren Threatens President Trump: “You Ain’t Seen Nasty Yet!” [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | June 19, 2017 3:23 am

Ever since the attack on the GOP Senators and Congressman at their baseball practice, many throughout the political realm and in the media just can’t seem to understand that the way they are going about their business just isn’t appealing to Americans. In fact, we are all beyond sick of the games[1] being played.


Neither of these two seem to care for civility and respect. The refrain from attacking the GOP, some even attacking wounded Steve Scalise himself, is just non-existent.

Not that it’s all bad, as many Democratic leaders have generally been in strong support of uniting and backing off the horrible political rhetoric that the last two years have brought. Now, not everyone of these Dems are being genuine, as past reactions to similar events would prove…I’m talking about you, Bernie. But for the most part it’s been good.

Well, except Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

In a speech before a crowd, Warren put on the cringe-worthy ‘tough’ girl stance in an obvious and horrible attempt to stay relevant in the public eye, and to boost her own personal chops. She had warned President Donald Trump, “You ain’t seen nasty yet!”

Get ready for the eye roll.

From The Hill:

Warren read aloud from her new book “This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class” and took questions at a town hall event in New York Friday, HuffPost reported.

Warren blasted Trump for his economic policies, saying they are hurting the middle-class Americans who voted for him.

She then goes on spewing her un-backed rhetoric about how people were full of “optimism and hope” at the Women’s March and at a lot of places across the country.

Is it just me, or does it seem that ‘optimism and hope’ doesn’t seem to fit well with ‘nasty’, which was the watchword of Warren and the march.

People on social media were not liking the attack on Trump after the delicate unity moment.

The tweets this woman’s ‘performance’ had created were somewhat on the mocking side:

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