Everybody laugh at LeBron trying to dunk on Trump [VIDEO]

Everybody laugh at LeBron trying to dunk on Trump [VIDEO]

Whenever someone famous decides to make a political comment or joke, they are bound to piss someone off. Whether they do it intentionally or not, someone is going to get upset that their politician or “side” is being made fun of or what have you.

That being said, it is usually good practice for a celebrity to completely steer clear of politics, or they risk a portion of their base saying things like, “I will never watch your movies again!” or “I won’t listen to your songs anymore!”

LeBron James doesn’t seem to have that fear, which would explain why he just insulted Trump and everyone who voted for him.


James was discussing the NBA All-Star roster with the media when the question of players turning in “goofy” ballots in jest was brought up.

Instead of laughing it off, LeBron decided to make it political.

“There’s always goofy votes. Donald Trump is our president.”

Keep in mind that this is coming from the man who has said that he is as of yet “unsure” if he would visit the White House should his team win the NBA title.

“We’ll have to cross that road, I guess. We’ll see. I would love to have to cross that road.”

If I were Trump, I don’t know that LeBron would be invited after his little wisecrack. You see, that’s not just insulting to the President, it’s insulting to everyone who votes for him and I’m sure there are some LeBron fans out there who voted for Trump.

Not a wise move on his part. He should probably apologize.

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