FALSE! Trump supporters did NOT host flash mob outside Hamilton play; here’s how we know [VIDEO]

FALSE! Trump supporters did NOT host flash mob outside Hamilton play; here’s how we know [VIDEO]

It turns out that the flash mob that people were claiming occurred outside the Hamilton theater in New York was totally bogus. The video was over a week old, but the Drudge Report ran with it. This is why I quit going to Drudge long ago. It’s no longer reliable as a news source. A pro-Trump advocate made the claim with a video he ran last week as well. People finally caught it. I don’t know why people do this… it doesn’t help Pence or Trump and it just frustrates everyone out there.

People were actually walking by the theater when this person claimed the flash mob appeared and called him on it. What would be much more effective would be a boycott of Hamilton. Just don’t go… don’t give your patronage to those who dishonor and disrespect the Vice President and President-elect. That’s the best way to hit them where they live and make your point here. Not fake videos and false claims.


From the Independent Review Journal:

UPDATE: The video claiming to show a “flash mob” outside the “Hamilton” theater in New York City is actually over a week old. The video was original posted by the same Twitter user on November 8.

It looks like the claim of a pro-Trump “Hamilton” protest is completely false.


Just 24 hours after Vice President-elect Mike Pence was harassed by audience members and singled out by cast members during a performance of “Hamilton,” a pro-Trump advocate claimed supporters held a so-called protest “flash mob” “outside” the theater in New York City.

A group of Trump supporters were seen in the video chanting “USA!” and waving an American flag. The story was one of the top stories on The Drudge Report Sunday night.

However, questions quickly emerged about the video’s authenticity.

Multiple Twitter users disputed the claim that Trump supporters were actually outside the “Hamilton” theater on 46th Street in New York City. It’s not entirely clear where or when the video was recorded.



The way Mike Pence was treated by those in the production of Hamilton and in the audience was a massive disgrace. It was reverse racism. They booed Pence on the way in and lectured him on the way out. Who treats the Vice President this way? These asshats never treated Hillary Clinton like this. And they gave freaking Bernie Sanders a standing ovation! So, they cheer a commie and applaud King George, while disparaging a newly elected VP who comes from a family with a military background and who is an elected governor. Someone is on the wrong side of history here.

I thought all of this would die down after the election. Now, I don’t think it will go away at all. It will get worse. We need to make those on the side of President Trump and Vice President Pence take the high road whenever possible. Fake flash mobs are not the way to go here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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