Gingrich Warns President Trump Of Massive Plot Of Sabotage – Trump Takes It SERIOUSLY!

Gingrich Warns President Trump Of Massive Plot Of Sabotage – Trump Takes It SERIOUSLY!

This goes back to what I have said since Trump was first elected President… he MUST weed out anyone with connections to Barack Obama and fire them immediately. Not doing so has created massive chaos and it is indeed hurting his presidency just as Newt Gingrich says it is. There are far too many enemies within that are leaking stuff out of the White House these days. They are committing felonies left and right and they figure they will never have to answer for them. Obama set this up in numerous ways before he left. The biggest and most egregious was loosening the controls on the intelligence agencies. And here we are.

Barack Obama weaponized agencies such as the IRS to take out his enemies. It hasn’t stopped just because Donald Trump became President. Other than his inner circle, Trump cannot trust anyone around him. There are even some Republicans who are no doubt sabotaging him. Monica Crowley is flatly stating that a coalition of forces – ranging from failed Democrats to paid protesters to pro-Democrat media to “deep state” anti-Trump government lifers – are aiming to do much more than “de-legitimize” President Trump and halt his agenda. They want to personally destroy President Trump, destroy his presidency and see him in prison.


From UFP News:

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Newt Gingrich just gave a dire warning to President Donald Trump and Trump is taking it very seriously. If Trump doesn’t stamp this out once and for all this could hurt his presidency. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said,

“He is surrounded by people who wish to destroy his administration. They are leaking like crazy … And I think if you were Donald Trump, you’d be pretty furious and you’d feel like the old orders against you.”

Newt said this is a pattern, this leaky behavior has been going on a long time. And it must be stopped. Remember the IRS going after conservative groups?

Gingrich said, “If you look at the process of the leaks, by the way, all breaking the law, and calling on IRS agents to break the law and leak President Trump’s taxes, the left has gone crazy since the election,”

Correct Newt. They have gone off the deep end. They will do anything, legal or illegal, to stop Trump and his agenda. These attacks will not stop – and Newt more than anyone understands how Washington works.

The left and Obama’s minions are not reasonable people. They don’t care about the American people or the country. They never have. They care about their own agendas and interests. Newt Gingrich is also correct when he says that President Trump is surrounded by bureaucrats that want to destroy him. Trump is in a very dangerous and precarious position and he must fight fire with fire here or fall.

Right now, leftists are picking off those around Trump one by one. They are also going after big names who support him. What’s worse is they have been successful at it. Right now they are trying to bring down Jeff Sessions and that cannot be allowed to happen. He’s needed far too much for that to be the case. Trump is not helping himself with horrific bombs like his proposed Obamacare replacement. He must go the conservative route and rally his support to stand against these Marxists. There is sabotage and plots all around him… it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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