Does The GOP Face Rebellion Over Establishment Calls To Stop Trump?

That’s the question the headline on the front page of the NY Times is asking, while the headline in the article reads

Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump

From Michigan to Louisiana to California on Friday, rank-and-file Republicans expressed mystification, dismissal and contempt regarding the instructions that their party’s most high-profile leaders were urgently handing down to them: Reject and defeat Donald J. Trump.

Their angry reactions, in the 24 hours since Mitt Romney and John McCain urged millions of voters to cooperate in a grand strategy to undermine Mr. Trump’s candidacy, have captured the seemingly inexorable force of a movement that still puzzles the Republican elite and now threatens to unravel the party they hold dear.

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In interviews, even lifelong Republicans who cast a ballot for Mr. Romney four years ago rebelled against his message and plan. “I personally am disgusted by it — I think it’s disgraceful,” said Lola Butler, 71, a retiree from Mandeville, La., who voted for Mr. Romney in 2012. “You’re telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for? Please.” (snip)

The furious campaign now underway to stop Mr. Trump and the equally forceful rebellion against it captured the essence of the party’s breakdown over the past several weeks: Its most prominent guardians, misunderstanding their own voters, antagonize them as they try to reason with them, driving them even more energetically to Mr. Trump’s side.

The article makes a good point: the voters are doing what voters do: vote. They’ve picked their candidate. And, for good or bad, Trump is doing better than Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich. Other Republican contenders have been knocked out (personally, I think Scott Walker would have been the best choice, but, it looked like he didn’t want to participate in the Trump Show). The point of the primaries is for the voters to choose their candidate, and, if it ends up being Trump with the required delegates, then, for good or bad, he’s our contender. And the voters do not want the Establishment thwarting that process.

I’ll avoid editorializing on Trump himself, as I think you know I am not a fan. I will say, based on Trump’s positions, many in the GOP are correct in their assertions, but, Republicans are tired of the Establishment dictating the direction of the Party, and this very much shows in the way the Trumpistas, as Rush Limbaugh calls them, are responding and supporting Trump.

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