HAH! Cavuto Just EXPOSED Lester Holt’s LIES During Debate – The Asshat Just Got FACT CHECKED! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 28, 2016 9:16 am

It was obvious to many[1] that Lester Holt was in the tank for Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate. He constantly interrupted Donald Trump and pretty much let Hillary Clinton slide. What was annoying to me was that he kept cutting off Trump with his so-called fact checking. The most egregious incident was over the Iraq War. Holt interrupted Trump and claimed that in an interview with Neil Cavuto, he had supported the Iraq War. I listened to that interview and not so much. He did say if Bush was going to do something, just do it. But he also said it might be a bad move to go in there and it might unravel the Middle East. What I didn’t care for was Trump demurring to the UN over it.

Holt should fact check himself it would seem. Now, given I thought both candidates were terrible and both were untruthful. Both espoused Marxist policies and Trump was to the left of Clinton on trade. But if you are going to call someone out on a point, at least get it right and tell the truth. Lester Holt failed in that area and it was unfair to Trump.


From the Conservative Tribune[3]:

The first presidential debate[4] between Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump was full of fiery exchanges between the two candidates, as well as several questionable moments[5].

NBC’s Lester Holt, the moderator for the debate, started getting flak before the debate was over after he repeatedly interrupted Trump to “fact-check” him, except that his fact-checks were more or less wrong.

In one of the more contentious exchanges, Holt insisted that Trump had supported the Iraq War[6] from the beginning, but Trump continuously denied it, USA Politics Today[7] reported.

Rather than ask Clinton why she voted for the war, Holt continued to press Trump, saying that in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Trump expressed his support for the war.

After the debate was over, Cavuto aired the interview in question and showed that Trump wasn’t all gung-ho about invading Iraq before we went in — he had his reservations.

It turns out that Trump was right on the economy… Americans by 2003 were war weary and wanted jobs and prosperity. They could no longer muster enough anger to go after the Islamists, which is sad. That’s on Americans because it has partially resulted in where we are today. Trump was also correct in that if you are going to hit the enemy, go in and do it and leave. Where Trump gives me severe pause is his cuddling with Russia, his openhandedness with China and his willingness to negotiate with Iran. Iraq was not an issue here worthy of any discussion.

Hillary Clinton herself supported the Iraq War and Holt should have also hit her with that. Trump should have brought it up as well. This is why you prep for debates… very little of that happened here it looks like. We should also be far more picky when it comes to moderators – case in point.

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