HAH! Melania Trolls Clintons in the Best Way Possible at Debate

HAH! Melania Trolls Clintons in the Best Way Possible at Debate

Seriously? Melania Trump evidently trolled the Clintons last night… wearing a… wait for it… Gucci “pussy-bow.” You can’t make this stuff up. She says it was unintentional, but come on. It sold as such and Melania is an astute, smart woman. I think she knew exactly what she was doing… and Trump may have put her up to it. Social media was evidently on fire over it last night. SMH.

After the lewd tape of Trump talking sex with women and referring to the ‘P’ word, wearing that blouse was the ultimate slap to everyone over the subject. It is an $1,100 blouse and the color is fantastic. But the choice of blouse was definitely no mistake. It was a message. Trump had just married Melania when he starred in that tape. She says he apologized and she accepted and that she hoped the nation would as well.


From Breitbart:

Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, wore a Gucci blouse to the second presidential debate that is called a “pussy bow.”

The potential First Lady’s wardrobe choice came as her husband faced blistering criticism over a recorded conversation in 2005 in which he joke about groping women. One of the words he used included a crude reference to the female anatomy.

In addition to apologizing several times since the video emerged, Trump also pointed at former President Bill Clinton’s behavior towards women and the way in which Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton treated his accusers.

Four of those accusers appeared with Trump at a press conference prior to the debate, and were seated in the front row at the debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

Trump’s campaign told CBS News reporter Sopan Deb that the choice was not intentional. Well, if it was intentional, it was one of the best trolls of all time. It certainly caused a stir. You’ve got to admit, it was an ‘interesting’ fashion statement.

Supporters of Trump must have been beside themselves with glee over the jab this took at Clinton. It was subtle, elegant and deadly. You have to admire that. I also imagine the four women attending that have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault took smug satisfaction in the statement that it made… they must have been smiling at the overture.

I admit this was a classic and actually funny. There seems to be a propaganda battle going on both sides here… but it’s moves like this one by Melania that really leave their mark.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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