Hillary Clinton Claims Moral HIGH Ground In Trump’s Leaked Audio – Americans Issue Her Reality Check

Hillary Clinton Claims Moral HIGH Ground In Trump’s Leaked Audio – Americans Issue Her Reality Check

Worst. Election. Ever. By now you’ve heard and seen the lewd video of Donald Trump in 2005, talking women and sex with Bill Bush. It is disgusting and inexcusable, especially since he had just married Melania earlier that year. Frankly, I think Donald Trump should step down over it and Pence should take his place… or maybe Cruz. But I doubt that will happen. While I will never support Trump and find him detestable, Hillary Clinton attempting to take the high road here is just laughable. Does she remember who she’s married to? Maybe not… I think she’s had one too many seizures or drinks or both.

Both of these candidates suck. The GOP should be ashamed after picking an absolute reprobate and conman. Hillary Clinton trying to use that audio against Trump is also gutter politics. I’m thoroughly disgusted by all of them. Truly. Trump should not be president… but Hillary should not be president either — even more so considering both Clintons’ corruption and disgusting behavior. But Trump claiming Clinton has done worse doesn’t excuse him either. Like I said: THEY SUCK.


From BizPac Review:

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Hillary Clinton slammed her presidential rival Donald Trump after leaked audio revealed lewd comments he had made about women years ago.

The Democratic presidential nominee joined others in condemning Trump for boasting in a 2005 audio recording about being able to “grab” women “by the p—-.”

While Trump’s vulgar comments could not be defended even by his supporters, Clinton’s stance as morally superior backfired with many on social media, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity who condemned it as “selective moral outrage.”



If you think this is all Hillary has to throw at The Donald, you are delusional. There will be much, much more from Clinton and the media on Trump and it will only get worse. Pence and his wife are furious over this and the GOP has been asking Trump all day to withdraw. He refuses. Meanwhile, Clinton is taking money from every enemy we have. WikiLeaks and Russia are sure to have more to damage the Hildabeast. And while all this is going on, we have become a global laughing stock. Russia is salivating and licking their chops over this.

No one has the moral high ground here, because there are simply no morals to be had anymore with these people. They may be wealthy and powerful, but they are the scum of the earth tenfold. There’s a whole list today of Republicans who want Trump gone and I don’t blame them in the least. There’s a whole nation that is praying fervently that God intervenes and takes Clinton out. No one wins this time around… except Russia. Our leaders are fools and useful idiots.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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