Hollywood TV Show ‘Last Man on Earth’ Kills Entire Trump Administration [VIDEO]

Hollywood TV Show ‘Last Man on Earth’ Kills Entire Trump Administration [VIDEO]

Do you want people to stop watching your crappy TV shows? Because this is how you get people to stop watching your crappy TV shows.

Fox’s “Last Man On Earth” depicts life after an apocalyptic event takes place and wipes out the majority of humanity. It also claims to be a comedy, but I suppose that part is subjective.

In any case, they recently produced an episode of the series that is a flashback to a virus that ravages Capitol Hill. In this episode labelled “Got Milk,” we witness a sequence that shows everyone in the line to the Presidency dying from this mysterious virus.


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From Breitbart:

The flashback episode, titled “Got Milk,” takes viewers back to beginning of a deadly virus that eventually wipes out most of humanity.

“There’s got to be a vaccine,” Kristen Wiig’s wealthy character Pamela Brinton says to her husband Benjamin. “You mean to tell me, the president of the United State doesn’t have a vaccine?”

Pamela’s obsession over the virus grows after she sees a news broadcast showing a funeral procession for Vice President Mike Pence.

“And there’s the presidential hearse as they head towards Arlington Cemetery. Michael Richard Pence, 46th President of the United States, dead at the age of 61,” the news broadcaster says.

In a morbid sequence, every ranking Republican in the presidential line of succession is dead and their funeral motorcade or caskets are shown in a series of news broadcasts.

“President Paul Davis Ryan, Jr. President Rex Wayne Tillerson. President Steven Turner Mnuchin. President Jeffery Beauregard Sessions. President Betsy DeVos, dead at the age of 61,” the news anchor says.

The fate of President Trump is never detailed and is thus left to the audience’s imagination.

Watch the clip below:

Is this offensive, or is it trying to work current politics into a story line that was previously left unexplained?

Will you be boycotting this show?

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